K&B Transportation Joins TruckingUnlimited.com in Search of Truck Drivers

With its headquarters in Nebraska and established business since 1986, K & B Transportation has become a top temperature controlled transportation provider to some of America’s leading food companies. Currently in urgent need of company drivers for all types of fleets in both their home territory and across the states, K & B Transportation has revved up their search for new hires. In addition to its TruckingUnlimited.com affiliation gaining online exposure to an unlimited audience, these employers are going the extra mile in what they offer new drivers as well. One major factor being, that many of the positions they are currently seeking to fill are for local and regional company drivers, the most preferred type of position amongst truck drivers offering regular and longer periods of time at home.

What is also exclusive to this company is their guaranteed weekly minimum pay, regardless of miles driven. K&B Transportation promotes their unique approach to earning their team’s loyalty, understanding that compensation is essential to keeping a fleet of satisfied drivers. In addition to offering top compensation for all positions, they also offer the majority of their drivers salaried guarantees or a weekly mileage guarantee of 2500 miles despite the amount actually driven. If they don’t provide the work, they will actually make up the difference and this type of pay guarantee isn’t something that other companies would even consider. The other major benefits of having stable, full time employment with K&B Transportation, is the medical, dental and life insurance coverage offered to all full time employees and their families. Even more lucrative, are the bonuses, lay over pay, breakdown pay and other extra earnings offered as well.

While the immediacy of these driving positions prefers experienced drivers able to get right on the road, K&B Transportation is a tough competitor amongst Nebraska’s growing truck driver shortage and does offer paid training to new drivers as well. The state is also helping companies combat the driver shortage with the recently formed partnership of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the Nebraska Community College Association and the Nebraska Trucking Foundation. The state alliance has introduced a job training grant offering new drivers the opportunity to substitute an intensive 250 supervised hours of behind-the-wheel training for the two years of on-the-road experience typically required for commercial truck drivers to be hired.

State Governor Heineman advocated the importance of addressing the need for Nebraska truck drivers. “This program will help more Nebraskans obtain the training they need for jobs in the trucking industry, while addressing a need for drivers in one of our state’s fastest growing industries,” Gov. Heineman said.

With the entire US now being plagued by the increasingly smaller pool of truck drivers and many companies urgently needing to hire, websites such as TruckingUnlimited.com provide the needed exposure to a much wider pool of applicants.

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