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What is shopping

DutyFreeZone.Com shopping gives international travelers the opportunity to save money on a variety of products, from high-end jewelry to premium electronic items. However, many travelers are not sure how duty free shopping works, or how to make the most out of the experience.

Let’s start with a simple definition: a “duty” refers to a tax or fee placed on goods by government entities. Merchants who import goods and sell them to consumers who are leaving their country are not charged a duty on these products. This allows sellers to pass the savings along to their customers, giving shoppers the opportunity to grab fantastic products at bargain prices.

Where can I shop/buy at

Travelers can purchase any duty free products at

If you are traveling internationally, you may shop “tax and duty free,” buying items on without having to pay either the sales tax (called Value Added Tax or VAT in many countries) or the customs duties assessed by the United States – The savings from Duty Free Shopping at can be significant. 

What would be the savings on shopping for US shoppers traveling internationally

Duty Free Zone Savings Compared to U.S. Domestic Prices (savings may be more when compared to most other country’s domestic prices):

Electronic items 20% to 30%
Fragrances and Cosmetics 15% to 20%
Luxury gifts, Accessories, Watches 20% to 35%
Confection and Other Edibles 10% to 25%

How do I know if I am able to shop at in the United States

Anyone is eligible to shop at and your order will be delivered to your door.

How much merchandise can I buy into the United States

In most cases, there is not limitation typically; family members living in the same house can buy as much as they wish at each month.

How long do I need to leave the country in order to

There is no restriction, you do not have to leave the country to shop at, and if you do travel will deliver your order anywhere in the world.

Why does exist

Most governments give merchants a tax or “duty” breaks on items that won’t be consumed or used within the country. Merchants then pass along these savings to customers in the form of duty free purchases. At we ship within the United States and we ship overseas as well.

What can you buy at features an array of spectacular merchandise, including jewelry, luggage, handbags, watches, chocolates, candy, electronics and children’s items.

How much can I save when shopping

The savings you’ll enjoy when shopping duty free depend on the product and country, but savings can range up to 50% off the retail price. High-ticket items, such as luxury jewelry and electronic yield the largest total dollar savings.

Are products defective or in imperfect condition

No. merchandise is of the same quality as products found in regular retail stores. The only difference is the tremendous price savings!

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