The Next Evolution in Baseball Technology

A Baseball Cleat That Produces a More Powerful Pitch and Swing

MESA, Arizona – Sports Science Technology Company Athalonz has launched a Kickstarter campaign to release its first production run of G-Force Shoes. By redesigning three main areas of the shoe, the insole, midsole, and outsole, Athalonz has created technology that improves the efficiency of the kinetic chain, maximizing Ground Reactive Force (or G-Force) by the athlete. The Kickstarter campaign offers early adopters the opportunity to be among the first to own the revolutionary new footwear. 

The technology has now been tested by over 30 Major League Baseball players and coaches, and has been scientifically proven to help athletes improve their engagement with the ground to deliver greater power and consistency when hitting, and greater velocity and command of the ball when pitching. 

“The optimal athletic position would be to have the heel raised slightly and the weight on the inside of the leg,” said Dr. Preston Wolin, Orthopedic Surgeon and founder of the Center for Athletic Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. “This drives the toes into the ground so that the energy transfer at the chain begins immediately.” 

By teaming up with dozens of Major League Baseball players and coaches with decades of experience, Athalonz has solved an issue that plagues players at all levels: how to effectively maximize the creation and transfer of force to produce a more powerful swing or pitch. 

One infielder said, “G-Force shoes put me in a better hitting position and keep me balanced throughout my swing.” A pitcher reported that, “I don’t know how it works, I just know that I throw 6 mph harder with better control.” 

The campaign must raise all the funds in its $10,000 goal before the deadline to be granted any of the pledged funding. As of Friday, November 20, Athalonz had 32 backers pledging a total of $9,817. With 24 days to go until the December 14 deadline, that doesn’t leave Athalonz’s founders with much to worry about. 

Rewards for pledging range from access to exclusive updates and promotions for $5, to early-bird versions of the shoes for $89, and range all the way up to a weekend-long one-on-one hitting clinic with MLB Hitting Coach Ty Burkleo for $5,000. The shoes will retail for $139 after they are released.

About Athalonz

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, Athalonz was founded by a diverse group of experts united by their love of baseball and their passion for innovation. Lead by Engineer Tim Markison, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Preston Wolin, Sports Scientist Gary McCoy, and joined by Major League Baseball Coaches Don Wakamatsu and Ty Van Burkleo, Athalonz is focused on creating breakthrough advances in Sports Science Technology.

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