Billboard Advertising Los Angeles Offering New Billboard Advertising

New billboard advertising Los Angeles is now available at Billboard Adz, a Los Angeles-based marketing and advertising firm specializing in cutting edge mobile billboards utilizing LED technology. The primary office is located in Los Angeles, CA, (310) 999-6503.

For businesses struggling to expand their customer base, Billboard Adz is offering new billboard advertising Los Angeles that achieves maximum exposure almost overnight. The new marketing strategy consists of mobile billboards displaying on both sides of a large, panel truck. As the vehicle cruises through the most populated areas of Southern California, the business’s brand and promotional content display on high resolution, double-sided LED screens. By driving the vehicles throughout the most highly trafficked neighborhoods and communities, marketing campaigns can reach tens of thousands of new customers within a matter of hours.

This innovative form of new billboard advertising Los Angeles is the perfect marketing solution for a variety of businesses and industries in the highly competitive marketplace of Southern California. Car dealerships, insurance companies, restaurants, real estate agencies, e-commerce websites, and even law firms and doctor’s offices can benefit from this forward-thinking form of mobile marketing.  Use mobile billboards to promote music concerts, charity events, theatrical openings, or television promotions. The opportunities are unlimited.

The team from Billboard Adz helps each customer to select the best neighborhoods and times of day to display the LED-enhance mobile billboards. For a price that is only a fraction of the cost of traditional static billboards, these mobile advertisements help business owners to take control of their marketing campaigns by achieving tremendous results in a single day. Hire one truck or an entire fleet. Billboard Adz will do the rest.

With a team of professionally insured drivers, creative graphic artists, and professional marketing consultants, a Billboard Adz can launch a fleet of mobile billboards within hours. For new billboard advertising Los Angeles that gets maximum results in the shortest amount of time, mobile billboards by Billboard Adz is the perfect marketing solution.

About Billboard Adz

Billboard Adz specializes offers new billboard advertising Los Angeles via mobile billboards with LED technology. Information on the range of specialist procedures offered by Billboard Adz can be found on the company website or by contacting the team directly at (310) 999-6503. The primary office is located in Los Angeles, California.

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Company Name: Billboard Adz
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