Glitch Interactive – Your control panel for live streaming

Your smartphone control panel for messing with live YouTube and Twitch streaming broadcasts

TECTORIA, Canada – November 30, 2015 –

A new media platform arriving 2016 turns your phone into a control panel for live streaming video broadcasts.

Just point your phone at a glitched live broadcast and, like magic, controls will appear.

You choose what happens next. Your choices alter the digital world of a live broadcast. Press a button, save your favourite broadcaster from certain doom, or ruin their day. It’s up to you. 

This new technology is applicable to video games streamed on Twitch, talk shows set in Virtual Reality streamed over YouTube, even American Idol can use it to poll the viewers in real-time on cable TV. 

A modern mash-up of live broadcasting, sports, video gaming, reality TV and internet technology, the Glitch project is set to shake up the way you experience live media.

“Glitch brings an interactive audience, you, into the digital world of a video broadcast and gives you the ability to alter that digital world,” says creator Paul Hill of the project. 

A monthly subscription to Glitch costs just $1.35. Rewards on Kickstarter range from monthly subscriptions to an exclusive custom made glitch for $1,000 available to a single backer. 

The Potential 

Twitch has 100 million viewers, 1.7 million broadcasters, and 20 billion minutes watched per month. The average viewer watches 106 minutes per day.

YouTube has over a billion viewers and is available in 70 countries. The number of hours’ people spend watching videos on YouTube has increased by 60% in 2015. 

The ‘Twitch Plays Pokemon’ phenomenon highlights that demand for interactivity is growing.

Live streaming entertainment is here. There are a billion people out there waiting for this.

Glitch brings accessible interactivity to today’s entertainment. All you need is your smart phone and a Glitch connected live streamed broadcast.

Launching now 

The platform API is in late stage development. Apps for iOS and Android are in production. Mods for many popular ‘let’s play’ game titles are in development. 

“We launched the Kickstarter campaign to help us find our 100 true fans who believe in what we are doing, and grow the team and the platform,” says creator Paul Hill.

“Kickstarter is a good fit for a project like Glitch that aims to stay true it’s community.” 

The Glitch team is looking to raise a modest $15,000 through the Kickstarter campaign and get feedback from the community, with a promised ship date of December 2016. 

To find out more, visit the Glitch Kickstarter campaign here.

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