A Simple Trick to Comfortable Travels with Your Family

Nov 30, 2015 – Without a doubt, summer offers ideal opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and escape a busy pace of the everyday life. Travelling to a chosen destination by car is still a popular choice amongst many holiday makers with young kids who often set out on caravan holidays, road trips or even just short weekend getaways.

However, as thrilling as these ideas sound the excitement can quickly evaporate when you find yourself travelling in a stuffy, overheated car. Research by Stanford University has shown that as a result of sun glare the temperature inside the vehicle can on average rise by 40 degrees F within an hour. As a result passengers travelling in an overheated vehicle often suffer from exhaustion and nervoussness which can sometimes cause even more serious health problems.

If you are looking for a solution to combat the summer heat which won’t break your family budget sunshades are definitely the option worth considering.

Cheaper than air conditioning more durable than solar powered fans they offer several advantages which can add to your comfort whilst on the journey.


In general,car window shades belong to a budget range of heat protection products.  To give you a general idea, based on the current offer on Amazon and Ebay the price of the cheapest car window shades starts at $1.78 whilst the most expensive window tints can cost up to $2,980.00.The price range is very large though and, of course, depends on the quality therefore it is worth reading some reviews prior to making a purchase.

Protection against UV rays

A quality car sun shades have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) from 15 to 30 which protect the skin from harmful UV rays and thus prevent the risk of sunburn, heat exhaustion and even skin cancer.

Heat protection

Some car window shades are installed on the exterior of the dooor frame so they stay on even when car windows are rolled down. As a result, your passengers stay protected as only a fraction of heat and sun glare gets through. For this reason sun shades can help preserve the functionality of the A/C systems and reduce the amount of petrol they consume.

Easy instalation and maintenance

In most cases car window shades are really easy to install.  They can be attached on a window with suction cups, static clings or slipped over the top halves of the open doors. When they get dirty you simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth or sponge, no complicated procedures needed.

Durable materials

Shades are manufactured from sturdy materials such as nylon, mylar or aluminium foil. Not only they are heat resistant but also they can also reflect the sun so sun glare does not bother you inside the car.

Car Window Shade for Baby Sun Protection sold by Absolute Selection is an ideal solution for family summer travels. Made of stretchy flexible material they can fit numerous car models and are veryeasy to install. Their durable material efficiently protects your children and other passengers from harmful UV rays and keeps the interior cool and comfortable.

Good news for Amazon customers! You can take advantage of a limited offer and purchase a pack of two for sale price without losing a 1-year manufacturer guarantee.

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