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With alcoholism and drug abuse affecting people from various age groups, people often seek for “drug and alcohol rehab centers” or for “residential treatment centers”. The drug addiction treatment process is modelled according to the person seeking recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. In this field, has come up with a program for substance abuse treatment and alcohol withdrawal.

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People suffering from alcohol addiction search for various ways on how to stop drinking? However, alcohol addiction and substance abuse treatment requires constant monitoring and guided living techniques to provide results. The trend of cocaine, heroin addiction has ruined many lives and made people to get caught in an unending cycle of addiction. While there are many drug and alcohol rehab centers in the United States, yet selecting the appropriate one out of various options is not that easy because each center has its own program and methodology to deal with alcohol addiction and substance abuse.

The three popular ways of substance abuse treatment are detox, residential and inpatient. People can choose any of the methods depending upon their convenience. Alcohol withdrawal becomes easy when there is a monitoring mechanism to dilute craving for alcohol. Similarly in case of drug abuse too, the cognitive behavior of person is worked upon to find an appropriate sequence of steps to be followed. Major portion of substance abuse is contributed by opioids, benzodiazepines and marijuana.

According to 2011 estimation, about 4.2 million Americans over age 12 had admitted using heroin at least once in their lives. Since such drugs effect parts of brain, hence they also create an attachment towards it which culminates into a habit. Substance abuse not only effects the individual using it, rather it proves detrimental to his family and work too. Many other symptoms of addiction like irritation, health deterioration, memory decline, frequent fights etc begin to occur one by one.

The main target of addiction treatment/recovery is to make the person feel relaxed and attentive without dependency of any drugs. The earlier step mainly involves detoxification in which medicines to lessen withdrawal symptoms along with monitoring is provided. The medicine to counter the substance abuse is decided upon the substance to which the person is addicted.

To combat alcohol and drug abuse, working upon the person’s psychology plays a crucial role. For this, the reasons for substance dependency needs to be extracted so that the drug rehab program can have long lasting effect. A person must also be provided an environment where he feels motivated to live without any dependency on alcohol or drugs.

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