3 Tips for Black Friday And Busy Cyber Monday Online Shopping

Seeing to awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can never miss these tips when you are online shopping.

Horrible jam and madness can be easily found when you decide to join a physical store on these several days. No, I don’t want to experience it. But now most of us will choose to shop online, which is said to spend less money and less time with more discounts. Got the truth after purchasing so many times, it’s really much cheaper. Thanks to promo codes, cashback sites and sneaky tricks online stores use to lure you back, shopping online can actually be a very rewarding experience. What you only to know it’s how to use it. Saving a ton of money is so easy only to following listed tips.

1. Got news from social media

Big news always load on social media first rather than Amazon deals or other cashback sites, which means you can wait and find some discounts on those medium brands’ social media. Actually, really shopping experts will concentrate on a store’s Facebook and Twitter for first-hand accounts, they even posts with codes that could still be valid to attract more friends to following them. What a nice trick to win-win for both.

2. Coupon or Promo codes

Checking codes or getting coupons have made online shopping so fantastic when you are fond of this seductive activity and the addiction goes further and further.

Online promo codes are easy to find, providing you do a quick Google search before you check out with your treasures. You’ll find most promo codes on aggregation site, for example, Slickdeals. Or just to visit some special brand’s front page, you will find they choose to have a column to display recent codes for all on-sale. Just like EasyAcc, they will have special promotional page for some events. Here, it’s going to have a special page to collect Christmas gift ideas 2015 by them, why not visit it and collect some codes of phone/computer accessories?

3. Think twice before add to cart

OK, I know it’s too difficult to stop you from adding too much extra thing to your cart. But, seriously, you need all of these items with not too much discounts? Here is a suggestion, letting the wanted items stay in your cart for a moment, or how about just three days, then you can decide whether you need to get it or not. It must help you if you really follow this tip.

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