Experience A Fabulous Christmas at Park Manor Hotel, Scarborough

Park Manor Hotel has always prided itself on its efficiency, quality and service and at Christmas especially, this rings true with guests both new and old. A quick look at the Hotel’s reviews both on their website and sites like trip advisor and booking.com show top quality feedback and statistics.

There are rooms for all budgets and whether you are staying in a standard room or a suite, the service is never compromised. Their attention to detail is evident throughout the Hotel, from the quality of its cleanliness to its menus and together with the available facilities you will enjoy a luxuriously relaxing stay.

So what makes Christmas so special at Park Manor? The Christmas Menu for one. They really do have something for all tastes and cater for most, if not all special dietary requirements that you may have.

Free wifi is available, so if you want to enjoy Scarborough at Christmas and be able to Skype your family and friends during your stay, or watch a Christmas movie from the comfort of your room, you can.

The facilities provided are second to none, and you can enjoy use of the Swimming pool, the Spa or the Steam room at no extra cost. There is a Games room as well to enjoy for the more competitive guests, offering Table Tennis, Table Football or a game of Pool.

The location of the Hotel provides easy access to some of Scarbrough’s key venues and is situated close to the beautiful North Bay area. You can take a walk through Peasholm Park, walk or drive around the headland to South Bay and enjoy one or more of the shows at The Scarborough Spa, or head into the town centre to take advantage of the many gift shops or coffee shops the town has to offer. Or maybe you would like to watch the sunset over the beach and take photos of Scarborough Castle and then meandour back to the Hotel for evening drinks.

However you wish to spend your stay over the Christmas period, you can rely on top class service from the staff at Park Manor, who work hard to guarantee that your stay will be a happy, welcoming experience where noting is too much trouble and the ‘little things’ are always taken care of.

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