World Premiere – OneTime Messenger App provides company shares to the user with every registration

OneTime Messenger App is created by OneTime.World Plc to provide people a secure and convenient SMS replacement messaging platform to connect with each other. By downloading and registering to the application, the user will get a share of the company of OneTime.World Plc and have the ownership of the company and the application. The ownership increases if the user invites more friends to join the application.

OneTime application is a social platform where people can come together, connect with friends and make new friends. The instant messaging application does not have any annual subscription charges but the user can enjoy the app for a lifetime by paying a nominal charge for once.

Apart from text messaging, OneTime can also be used to send images, videos, audio as well as to make phone and video calls without any extra charges. What makes it different from most of the other messaging applications is that it does not include any unnecessary advertisements and other gimmicks.

With the regular internet connection, the user can message, call or video call their friends and save the regular charges. OneTime Messenger includes a simple sign up process through which the user can start using the app right away by just adding their number. Another unique feature of the app is that it does not store the messages or pictures and only queues the messages which are not delivered it. This feature ensures data privacy and security.

The application supports multi device usage and can be used on phone, tablet as well as desktop. Through OneTime Messenger the users can share their location easily and video call their contacts for free even if they’re in another country. The Group chat option allows the users to stay in touch with multiple friends at the same time. The broadcast chat can be used to send a messages to all contacts at once. Easy networking, the user will never again have problems within compatible digital business cards, with two easy clicks you can send contacts and have them automatically integrated in your friends address book.

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