Sketch Book FX, the brand new application for sketching is now available on iTunes

The all new sketching and editing mobile application Sketch Book FX is now available on iTunes for download. The mobile application, developed by Omprakash Pataskar, is an affordable tool to draw sketches and edit images conveniently on the iOS platform.

Sketch Book FX is claimed to be powerful and simplistic in design for a unique sketching and editing experience. The app features a convenient user interface which makes it easy for the user to learn its various features and use them effectively.

Though the various options and features of the app are simple, they are promised to provide results similar to the top range editing tools. The application can be used to sketch, draw, edit pictures, coloring and much more depending upon the user’s imagination. 

Some of the other features of the application includes layering and transparent for complex creations which can be used to create amazing effects such as gorgeous sunlight, eclipse, galactic planets, landscapes and much more.

Multiple effects can be layered up to create a variety of designs. The Calligraphy feature allows the user to write in Calligraphic text which is highly useful in creating a letter, personal note or greeting card while the Notepad can be used to write text in the tool.

There is an option of ‘Learn to draw’ which is meant to support user in understanding the various features and options of the mobile application and use them more effectively.

Sketch Book FX is fully integrated with social media so that the user can share their designs or creations over facebook and twitter. The application is a simple yet powerful tool to turn imaginations into reality and can be used for creating various designs, changing the existing patterns and re-invent various designs. With a size of 6.0 MB, Sketch Book FX does not require much space on SD card.

The app is recently being launched on iTunes and already received multiple downloads. A number of users across the world have found this professional grain paint and drawing application useful due to its multi language support including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Turkish.

With multiple brushes, pencils, in built layouts and multiple features, Sketch Book FX is a great way to capture ideas and turn it into art work on the go while sharing the same over social media.

View and download Sketch Book FX on iTunes.

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