Soda Games launches Modern Sudoku mobile application

Considering the popularity Sudoku has maintained over past several decades in many countries, Soda games have launched the Modern day Sudoku mobile application named “8 digits game”. The game is claimed to be the modern version of classic Sudoku puzzle which can be downloaded to the smart phone in form of a mobile application.

The interface is simple and user friendly designed similar to other gaming applications. The app requires the user to add up the numbers as done in Sudoku and reach 8 digits before other players do. Basically, it provides a gaming experience where thousands of users can play and compete with each other to become the top scorer.

The players can touch the number to add up for reaching the target score. For winning a game, the user’s score should match exactly with the target score. The initial puzzles are simpler to solve and take a few minutes to complete however, the difficulty level increases as the user progresses with more number of games and higher levels.

Soda games have created the Sudoku game app to be simpler and more interesting than the already existing similar applications. The top scorers are listed in the leader board regularly which keeps the challenge and excitement levels alive in the game.

To play the game, the user can touch the bottom for adding up the target number displayed on the top. With each puzzle the user solves, the target score updates to a higher number. The app provides an option to touch and de touch the numbers for ease of playing and convenience. After a few levels, the game also displays a timer on the top screen and the player will have to finish before the time runs out for winning a game.

8 digits game has recently been launched on Nov 19th, 2015 and received 5 star reviews from the users. The app requires Android version 2.3 and up to run and is available free of cost on Playstore.

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