New Golf Video Instruction Series Gives Golfers Powerful Tools For Positive Change

Geoff Greig Award Winning PGA Instructor, Best Selling Author and Founder of EvoSwingGolf has launched a new video golf instruction library called Sweet Spot Shots at The Sweet Spot Shots Lesson Library provides a step by step, game transforming lesson series aimed at helping golfers increase consistency, increase accuracy and increase distance.

In the last 20 years the average score for the 28 million golfers in the US has not decreased one single stroke… despite dramatic improvements in equipment and increasing availability of information on swing improvement. In order to help golfers overcome the difficulty of improving their games, the Sweet Spot Shots Lesson Library takes direct aim at the most powerful influence on playing better golf… striking the golf ball on the Sweet Spot of the club face. Extensive video study of swing mechanics and research of ball flight tracking has shown that the most essential elements of hitting better golf shots ALL happen within a fraction of a second during impact.

The Sweet Spot Shots Lesson Library gives golfers over 4 hours of tested and proven instruction to help them improve the dynamics of how their club face impacts the golf ball. Focusing on the essential elements of impact not only dramatically improves shot quality and distance, it dramatically reduces the time, frustration and the inconsistencies normally associated with making swing changes. The Sweet Spot Shots Library also addresses the mental side of golf improvement in order to help golfers bring their best shots from the range to the course.

The online video library consists of more than 20 lessons that viewers can watch at their convenience on their phones, tablets or computers to easily match their schedules and goals. In order to give golfers a preview of the powerful instruction tools offered in the entire video series, which can be found at, Geoff has posted segments of three of the Sweet Spot Shots lessons that can be viewed for free at:,, and

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The golf instruction video series takes the complexities of the golf swing and reduces them to only the essentials of what golfers need to improve thus helping them to avoid the increasingly common “Paralysis from Analysis”. It also uses proven motor learning techniques on how to learn much quicker and easier and presents these techniques in simple drills that work for golfers of all levels and capabilities.

“I have worked with a number of instructors, read a lot of golf books and watch a lot of golf instruction on TV,” commented one golfer who watched the videos. “After watching the Sweet Spot Shots Video Lesson Library, I loved how they were broken down into simple and easy to follow 10 to 20 minute lessons. When I started practicing the lessons I was amazed at how much improvement there was in my shots with very little change to my swing AND how I started playing better right away. I would highly recommend the Sweet Spot Shots Lesson Series to any golfer who has been frustrated in the past and wants to start playing better as soon as possible.”

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About Sweet Spot Shots Video Lesson Library

Sweet Spot Shots Video Lesson Library is a collection of golf instruction video lessons designed to change the way golfers think about improving their game.

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