“License to Paint” Explores Lives of Female Street Artists from Around the Globe

Although street art still retains its rebellious personality, its practitioners have long since transitioned from illicit outsiders to full-fledged artists with global followings and big ticket projects. Unknown to many outside the genre, there is a rapidly growing segment of female street artists who are dedicated to beautifying their cityscape and expanding the consciousness of their neighbors. In a new documentary by Theresa Norton and Pam Glennon, “License to Paint” examines this burgeoning community of female graffiti artists.

“License to Paint” follows the lives of five female artists as they create masterpieces on their personal urban canvas. These artists are Shamsia Hassani (Kabul), Alice Pasquini (Rome), Indie184 (New York City), Zina (London), and Christina Angelina (Los Angeles). Hailing from a wide variety of backgrounds, each artist creates stunning works of art that are unique and profoundly personal. This documentary will not only help shine a spotlight on this increasingly popular art form, but also the signature styles and lives of these torchbearers.

Like most documentaries, “License to Paint” is an ambitious project that requires considerable funding from the public. Theresa and Pam have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $50,000 that will be needed for equipment, travel, crew salaries, marketing and distribution. In return for your generous support, you can receive valuable perks like DVD’s, digital downloads, T-shirts, newsletters, Thank You notes, coffee mugs with original art, film credits, original artwork print, VIP tickets to the premiere, or an original canvas artwork.

To learn more about “License to Paint” or to make a donation to this project, please visit http://kck.st/1PNHFSu

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