Therbia Announces The Launch of QEEPH Tire Pressure Gauge, Now Available On Amazon

Therbia, a brand of high quality products has recently declared that their newly launched product QEEPH Tire Pressure Gauge is available on sale on The decision to sell the tire pressure gauge through was decided by the company after careful consideration of the larger market size and various benefits offered by both buyers and sellers.

Therbia’s newest offering, the QEEPH Tire Pressure Gauge is priced 17.99, which considering its quality and the prices of similar products has been set on a highly competitive level. The company has full faith in the quality of their Tire Pressure Gauge which features a premium construction and enhanced viewing meter making it the top of its range example; it can be used as a motorcycle tire pressure gauge. QEEPH Tire Pressure Gauge has been designed to make it easy for users to keep their tires in top notch condition. The company also believes that selling the Therbia on gives buyers a chance to get more for their money.

Therbia’s spokesperson said: “Therbia is a top of the range car Tire Pressure Gauge, when you use the Tire Pressure Gauge by QEEPH, you’ll ensure your tires stay at the proper inflation at all times. This will reduce their wear and tear, which means you won’t have to replace them as often, saves you money on gas because you’ll get better gas mileage, and ensures you have better handling and control of your vehicle. Choose our car tire pressure gauge and see the difference what a few pounds of pressure can truly make on your budget and your driving ability.”

Manufactured using the highest quality of steel and premium rubber, it also features a built-in air release valve along the stem that allows users to reduce excess pressure from overinflated tires. Finally the gauge features an enhanced viewing 2” diameter dial for clear readings.

The company wants their buyers to make an informed choice and thus selling their products on will give buyers a chance to read other customer reviews and feedback. Therbia is confident that their superior features will urge customers to choose their tire pressure reading gauge over others.

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