Hayata Announces The Launch Of BT14000 QuikTie™ – Battery Powered Cable Tool Tie

The Cable tie installation tool works with widths from 1/4” to 5/8” It delivers 50% longer life and recharges within 30 minutes. It operates at low temperatures and includes two batteries.

Hayata, a leader in stainless steel cable ties, has today announced the launch of its new power cable tie installation tool. The BT14000 QuikTie™, which makes users five times more productive than when using a manual cable tie installation tool, is now available.

The lightweight tool, which uses 12-volt lithium ion batteries, can install coated or uncoated cable ties ranging from 1/4 inch to 5/8 inch, and has a variable torque setting that offers up to 400 lbs of force, making quick work of any job. In addition to offering more productivity than the manual installation of cable ties, the tool also ensures that each tie is installed with uniform tension, helping to eliminate to possibility of damage when installing cables.

The BT14000 QuikTie™ is a follow-up to the company’s acclaimed BT12000 model, which was the industry’s first battery-powered cable tie installation tool. The BT14000 offers a 50 percent increase in battery life, 10 percent lower weight and a 20 percent performance improvement over the previous model.

The tool is designed to work perfectly with Hayata’s extensive line of stainless steel cable ties, which helps make installation quicker and more secure.

“We were the first to create a battery powered installation tool for cable ties,” a company spokesman said. “Customers were thrilled with our first offering, and we know they’re going to be even happier with the new BT14000 QuikTie™.”

In addition to longer battery life and better performance, the handle of the tool has been redesigned, making it more comfortable to use on long installation jobs. The conveniently placed manual cut off lever

allows users to trim quickly the cable tie to the proper length once installation is complete.

A wide range of industries, including construction, automotive repair, and shipbuilding, has adopted the tools.

“Our biggest strength is that we understand our customers, the challenges industries face, and the need to develop products that precisely fit the application, increase productivity, and reduce costs,” the spokesman said. “We’re always thinking of how we can make our users’ jobs easier, better, and more efficient, and the new BT14000 QuikTie™ is a great example of the innovation we offer.”

More information about the BT14000 QuikTie™ is available at www.hayata.com/metal-cable-tie-installation-tools-battery-powered.

About Hayata

Hayata is a top source for stainless steel cable ties, stainless steel banding and stainless steel tags because they focus on innovative firsts. They were the first in the industry to offer fully-coated stainless steel ties, battery-powered installation tools and automated 2D embossed bar coded metal tags.  Hayata is also first when it comes to outstanding customer service and the largest selection of sizes, shapes, and styles.

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