6 Marketing Components that Must be Synchronized to Insure a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign

Insure your site is mobile device compatible is another. These are relatively inexpensive enhancements that play an important part in the overall success of your marketing campaign.
Web site – Most businesses are complacent with their web site.

They design an appealing site and then wait. Meanwhile, in the last three years Google has had two major revisions and several minor revisions that have made your site out dated. There are many simple steps you can taketo refresh or update your site. Add a video to keep people on your site longer is one simple example. Insure your site is mobile device compatible is another. These are relatively inexpensive enhancements that play an important part in the overall success of your marketing campaign.

Landing Page – One of the most crucial elements in marketing successfully on the internet is having a powerful landing page. This is your “closer”. It calls for a perspective patient to take action! A weak landing page virtually negates everything else you do to attract new patients. One very common mistake is to not understand the mind set of your potential client. Many digital marketing agencies use the same landing page across several vertical markets. Make sure you do not use a “generic” approach. The issues for a client seeking a legal service provider is different from a searcher choosing a restaurant or a plumber as an example. Make sure your landing page addresses the issues and concerns of that person seeking your services.

Reputation Management – The internet’s version of “word of mouth” is the ability to capture and post favorable comments from clients about your services. As a minimum objective, you need five to six reviews per month to satisfy the newest search engine criteria. This gets you two very important elements. First, it will give you that 5-star rating that distinguishes you from all the other ads on a search result page. Second, it improves your overall quality score to give you the more desirable locations on the page. There are basic reputation management programs for less than $1000 per year that can meet this objective. It is a valuable key differentiator that will help you “close” more clients.

Print publications – The synchronization of printed articles along with a strong on line presence is the “secret sauce” that will promote more traffic to your website. If you publish six newsworthy articles every year, one every other month you generate more traffic directly to your website. In addition, recent activity is a major search engine factor that will once again give you the optimal locations on a search results page. Finally, recent articles published may also give you an additional listing on a search results page which eliminates a position for your competition! Here again, for less than $1000 per year you can draw more traffic to your site, generate more new clients for relatively little additional cost, and block your competition.

Social Media – Definitely one of the most effective ways to promote your practice, the problem with social media is the amount of time you must spend to do it. The last thing most professionals want to do when they leave their office is go on line and post blogs or manage discussions in social media sites. There is a way to subcontract this project out and tie it to the print publications program outlined above. In addition to printing articles there is a network of 50,000 professional bloggers just looking for things they can pick up and post. All the same benefits as the printed publications program apply. A basic launch of monthly blogs could be as little as $600 per year to start.

Pay Per Click Campaign – Currently, 20 – 25% of all attorneys are utilizing a pay per click (PPC) campaign. There is no doubt, that this is the most effective way to attract new clients. The most frequent negative comment about ppc is that it is very expensive. The average ppc campaign for lawyers in major metropolitan markets is just over $2000 per month. If a lawyer receives one new client per week or 4 per month his client acquisition cost is $500. The marketing budget is $24,000 per year.  The key to an optimized marketing campaign is to deploy all five steps outlined above and rather than generate 48 new clients per year for $24,000, generate 60 or more new clients per for $26,600 per year. Now your cost per client acquisition drops from $500 to $443. You are now beginning to see the effects of a comprehensive synchronized marketing program.

Budgetary considerations

Refresh and update your web site                         $500 – $1500 one-time fee

Create an effective landing page                           $500 – $1500 one-time fee

Launch a reputation management program            $79 per month

Launch a print publications program                      4 articles at $175 = $700/yr

Launch social media blogging                               $50 per month = $600/yr

Pay per click campaign                                        $2000 per month (average)

Legal practices that are able to demonstrate a proven marketing plan for new client acquisition is in place sell for a 20% premium over other practices, so this is truly an investment.

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