The Era of New Concept Scooter, Airwheel A3 saddle-equipped self-balancing scooter

As people’s concept towards transport has changed with the development of the new age, the era of new concept in electric scooters has kicked off. The star of this new era is Airwheel A3 self-balancing two-wheeled scooter.

Usually a scooter set on 2 wheels with a handlebar. Now some bored research specialists want to find some fun from the changeless scooters. Under this emotion, Airwheel A3 comes into the sight of onlookers. It can be the typical representative for the era of new concept of saddle-equipped self-balancing scooter, showing another forward-looking in this line.

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Airwheel A3electric scooter as the star with new concept of mobility in the era is going to kick off a new ride experience for riders. The whole design of Airwheel A3 adopts the orange element, including orange star on the operating rod, orange surface of cushion, orange hydraulic shock absorber and orange sectors on the wheels. It gives out energy and sport through its appearance. Meanwhile, it symbolizes the passion of life, a sort of encouragement to push riders move on.

A comfortable padded seat and a reinforced magnesium alloy frame are great for keeping the buggy upright on tight turns, which guarantees your safety in the journey. Additionally, A3 uses hydraulic shock absorption system which brings agile response and stable operation. If the road is not flat, a little bumpy, it’s not a challenge for Airwheel A3 electric hoverboard to conquer it. Riding with A3 conquers all terrains since there are no obstacles that cannot be got through.

saddle-equipped self-balancing scooter

An easy-to use handlebar is made from comfortable silica gel that can help you easily control it. In the center of the handlebar, there is a 4-inch LED display screen showing information that you need to know. An electronic brake system is fitted with the scooter, displacing the hand-operated brake. Moreover, it comes with a retractable kickstand for easy parking and storage. A3 electric scooter comes affixed with all of these features and also has the added benefit which means no gas or combustibles are used when users are firing up the motor. It’s a green product, as the bicycle yet much faster than bike. Let’s enjoy the ride with A3.

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