Mark Winter Art Experts, Inc. Daytona Beach Florida Announces December Travel Schedule

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. Mark Winter Art Experts, one of the nation’s leading providers of art authentication and art appraisal services, today announced the destinations for its traveling team of art experts for the month of December. The company’s experts will be visiting England, Germany, France, Italy and Austria. In the US, the team will travel to West Virginia and Ohio to conduct on-site art assessments by appointment. Art Expert Mark Winter is the company’s principal.

“Sometimes, seeing a work of art in its natural habitat, so to speak, can help with the authentication appraisal process. And, of course, if we can save the cost and risk of shipping a work of art, that’s always very helpful for everyone involved.”

Art Experts is composed of a global network of experienced fine art professionals who speak a total of 15 languages. The company has been offering reasonably priced research and analysis since 2002. In that time, Art Experts has delivered more than 45,000 preliminary opinions, illustrated authentication reports and appraisals. Many clients also receive a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). The COA helps facilitate insurance coverage for a work of art and smooths the private sale, gallery and auction processes.

The company is considered a leading authority in the field of fine art attribution, authentication and appraisal, working with auction houses, galleries and museums around as well as with private collectors. They rely on proven methods of authentication research, including special photography, provenance reconstruction, review of documentary evidence, Morellian and van Danzig analyses, material dating and forensic investigation. 

Art Experts can determine if a work of art is an original or a duplicate. They can achieve this determination through technical analysis of the artwork, such as brushstrokes and analysis of materials used. “The smallest detail can reveal a great deal about a work of art,” Winter added. “The way an artist writes a note on the back of a canvas, for instance, can help authenticate a painting.”

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