Qingdao Unique Introduces 3D Printing Application to Promote Integration of 3D Printing in Education Industry

The leading 3D printing solution provider Qingdao Unique Products Develop Co., Ltd showcases its 3D printing applications that can be used in the education industry.

Qingdao Unique specializes in the 3D printing technology that can be used in a variety of industries, including education, medical, fashion, food and others. The company now introduces their 3D printing solution that can promote 3D printing in the education industry. According to the spokesperson of the company, textbooks with 3D printing have wide applications in learning architecture, medical science and other important fields.

3D printer for education

At the 2015 International Conference on Educational and Information Technology recently held in Qingdao, it has been significantly agreed by the participants that the 3D printing will notably impact the education industry in the next five years. In this view, Qingdao Unique’s 3D printer for education could influence the education industry by creating a positive learning environment with explicit 3D replication of important structures and elements in the textbooks.  They have the most comprehensive 3D printing solutions for kindergarten to college students that inspire creative developments.

According to the spokesperson, they have the best 3D printer that focuses on work-integrated learning. For students, the printers could bring an industrialized or commercial learning experience with a better understanding of different components of a trade or an industry. With better industry knowledge, a student can think of starting his own business and can excel in it.

With their cheap 3D printer, Qingdao Unique is promoting the integration of the 3D printing technique in the education sector. It is being expected that publishers will use the technology to print textbooks with 3D replicas and 3D images that can aid in the visual learning of students. They regularly conduct 3D printing classes and hold technology demonstrations for teachers, publishers and others to understand the 3D printing process and its importance in the education industry. This encourages the printing of teaching materials through 3D printers.

Here I want to share a case that middle school students printed a cocktail shaker and beer barrel using FDM desktop 3d printer made by Anyprint3D during the “Qingdao Beer Festival”. The 3d printed cocktail shaker was designed to hold 3 kinds of beers and drinks inside, all of them are controlled by the Knob on the shaker top. Every time you rotate the knob, you get a totally different taste of cocktails, every taste is unique. This is another proof that 3d printing technology could activate students’ creative ability, due to this reason, the inventors were awarded a Silver Medal of the 67th IENA, which is one of world biggest invention exhibition. Those two inventors come from Qingdao Experimental Middle School, and they designed those pretty works with the help of a 3d modeling software called “3D Magic”, an easy-to-use 3d software developed by anyprint3D, a leading 3d printing company in China.

Qingdao Unique has a wide range of 3D printers that feature simple and effortless 3D printing for various purposes. From education to advertising and branding, they have 3D printers for everyone.

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Qingdao Unique has been aiming for the innovation and development of highly intensive 2D and 3D printing technology, since it was established in 2001. Following years of practice and extension, the company has successfully set up its leading presence on the printing and printer markets. They have been successfully recognized by the National Patent Bureau and they have been legally granted with 38 patents. The company’s printing technology and printers have been increasingly testified and proved internationally, and managed to earn the large number of constant return customers for consecutive business.

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