Micro Energy Solutions Ltd introduce the advantages of Infrared Heating Panels

Far infrared heater, work merely in the same way as the sun. Enjoy the sun in the winter, make people happy and comfortable. Now you can have the “sun” wherever you stay, your house, offices, warehouse, etc. Compared with traditional heaters, the electric heaters have many advantages.

First, IR Heaters warm the body and objects directly within its range of heating, not the space. This method is more effective because the produced heat is automatically absorbed by those who need it; heat does not pass through the air anymore so you can be assured that you will still feel warm even if the weather gets windy.

Second, No one wants to be burdened with a bunch of maintenance tasks. The electric wall heaters are easy to install and no maintenance job. Available for vertically or horizontally wall mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing. And people don’t have to worry about the space to install electric heaters, they can be installed anywhere you like. With WIFI thermostat, people can turn on the heaters on the way home or to office, when arrived; you will feel warm and comfortable.

Third, the electric heaters heat silently, no noise. You can have a good sleep in the bedroom, concentrate attention on the study or meeting.

 electric wall heaters

It’s important to note that customer can customize his IR Heaters with his artwork, wedding photos; any picture you like can be printed on the heaters, perfect combination with the decoration.

Glass Heating Panel can be used as an blackboard, installed in the office or the school, using as a blackboard, the note, the schedule of one week and others.

The most important thing people are concerned is about the cost and the safety. The benefit of any space heater is zone heating. With an Infrared heater, heating only the parts of your home that you’re using at any given time is possible. When you aren’t heating your entire home, you’ll save money on your heating bill. Infrared Heat Panels can save you up to 30-70% on heating costs. Pls note: actual savings vary depending on insulation, ceiling height, type of construction and other factors. As to the safety, the temperature of infrared space heater never gets as high as the conventional heater’s. This means children will not be burned.

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