BRUW: The newest and most innovative way to prepare cold brew coffee using nothing other than two ordinary mason jars

December 01, 2015 – Cold brew coffee is the newest trend in coffee making.  Cold brew, in essence, is coffee brewed in cold water rather than in hot water.  To prepare, one typically combines coffee and water in a mason jar for 12­24 hours before filtration.  In today’s day and age, there is not an easy and convenient way to filter this coffee. 

Until now.

The BRUW filter is a double sided mason jar lid with a filter in the center.  This allows the coffee to be filtered from one mason jar to the other in a sealed environment.  Not only is this easier, it prevents one from spilling the sludgy mixture of coffee and water.

Simply fit the BRUW filter onto a standard wide mouth mason jar, attach an empty jar to the top, flip it over and watch your cold brew magically drip through our groundbreaking product!  We hope to make brewing cold brew coffee a painless process and make the art available to all home coffee drinkers.  No longer shall we have to stress over filtering our cold brew!

Max Feber says, “BRUW is one of those products that started out of genuine need.  We identified that filtering cold brew was challenging, and we wanted to change that.”

BRUW was started by Max Feber, a high school student at the Sam and Jean Frankel Jewish Academy, while in a dual enrollment course in partnership with Lawrence Technological University taught by Professor Donald Reimer. 

As a part of the course, Max was asked to create a prototype and pitch the idea to the class.  Frustrated with the difficulty of filtering cold brew coffee, Max immediately thought that a double sided mason jar lid would be beneficial to filtering the cold brew. Having gone through much effort to get the product perfected, he realized the difficulty with filtering a liquid in an airtight environment.

After countless prototypes in both primitive and professional materials, BRUW was perfected.  A provisional patent application was filed, and BRUW was on the road.

Max Feber says, “We have had countless prototypes ranging from 3D printed prototypes, to prototypes made at the kitchen table with a hot glue gun.  We have done so much to perfect this product so that it is the best that it can be.” 

BRUW has been launched on Kickstarter on November 19, 2015 to raise $9,500.  The money will be used to get initial manufacturing and U.S. distribution.

Max Feber says, “I truly believe that this is going to revolutionize the way cold brew is made.”

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding BRUW and our story.

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