Free and Paid Internship Program in Hangzhou, China

Zing Ltd brings free and paid internship programs for the local Chinese companies to hire international interns in almost all fields.

With an objective of bridging the gap between the industries and professionals at the global level, Zing Ltd offers their free and paid internship programs. The program allows local Chinese companies to hire international interns and at the same time, professionals from different countries can have an opportunity of gaining some working experience. Zing Ltd can connect interns from around the world with the Chinese companies, engaged in the manufacturing or business of a wide range of products.

Zing Ltd boasts of its worldwide network for professionals to do internship in China and gain some knowledge and experience that will add value to their career prospects. China has achieved a massive industrialization with a wide range of industries with modern equipment and the latest technological developments. The city of Hangzhou also has a significant presence of industries from various fields, and Zing Ltd assists international interns for a safe, comfortable and satisfying work opportunity. They regularly update their website with the new internship opportunities for interested candidates to participate in the program.

The company offers free services to the international interns and allows them to work as paid interns in the Chinese companies. They also provide Homestay in Hangzhou uring the internship, allowing international professionals to enjoy a safe, comfortable and happy way of living in the Chinese city. One can choose from private apartment, independent rooms or shared accommodation for their living. Besides, Zing Ltd also brings an option of living with the Chinese families to learn more about the local culture and also enjoy the Chinese cuisine.

Interns from around the world can also join a Mandarin Course to learn the Chinese language during their internship in China. One can opt for this language learning opportunity to grasp the language in a very short period of time. The course has been designed to focus on listening and verbal skills in the most learning environments. A Mandarin speaking ability can make the internship and the China stay more enjoyable and fun-filled.

International candidates who are willing to be part of an internship program in China can check the current internship opportunities posted online on the site

Homestay in Hangzhou

About Zing Ltd

Zing Ltd is a Chinese company, located in the city of Hangzhou. The company’s business is helping local companies hire international interns from the world in almost all fields. Their internship program is totally free for all candidates. They bring in paid internships with the allowance that can cover the daily life expenses in China.

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