Mobile App Development Cost Factors Explained In Free Whitepaper

Cabot Technology Solutions has recently launched a whitepaper which details how one can calculate the cost to develop a mobile app. This is a free whitepaper meant to give businesses an idea of all the factors that need to be considered when estimating the cost of developing a mobile app.

The variety of mobile apps available for smartphones and tablets has increased exponentially in recent years. It’s become essential that companies need to have apps developed for their business if they want to stay abreast of their competition. But calculating the estimated mobile app development cost is not a straightforward process.

There are several parameters that need to be taken into consideration before arriving at the final development cost. This whitepaper offers an in-depth answer to the leading question, How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App?. It explains the app development process in layman terms, with an added emphasis on the criteria that determine the cost of each developmental approach.

The short whitepaper is presented in a crystal clear format, with detailed diagrams to explain how the cost is calculated. Reading this whitepaper will help any organization’s decision makers have a better understanding of all that’s involved in having an app developed for their business. The information in the whitepaper will definitely aid in arriving at an estimate for the overall project.

The whitepaper was launched just this week and Founder and CTO of Cabot Technology Solutions, Shibu Basheer says, “There’s no longer much debate on whether or not a business needs a mobile app. As the number of mobile users keeps increasing day by day, so also the necessity for quality apps that stand out in the market. We wanted to provide our audience with a short guide that’s packed with information on how they can arrive at an estimated cost for their mobile app.” He further adds, “This whitepaper is a straightforward guide that outlines the app development process and the factors that affect the development cost, along with a diagrammatic representation of the same. We believe it is an outstanding resource, and a must read for companies that are planning to have apps developed for their businesses.” To get a hold of this free whitepaper all one needs to do is sign up for it through their official website.

About Cabot Technology Solutions:

Cabot Technology Solutions is a value based IT consulting firm that delivers high value, cost effective solutions using cutting edge technologies. The company has gained a reputation for crafting vibrant, innovative solutions for global clients. The talented technologists at Cabot share a love for mobility and deliver everything an organization needs to go mobile.

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