Enzo’s Private Selection Year End Update: Positive feedback from buyers on Amazon, Improved Product Selection and Ongoing Launch Party

Thumbs up from Amazon customers!

Dec 01, 2015 – Since the launch of their Amazon store Enzo’s Private Selection has been successful in meeting expectations of the retailer’s demanding customers and has built a strong reputation. On 21st November the company celebrated receiving the 450th buyer review with a giveaway of 300 units of Organic Matcha. The current Amazon rating is now at 4.7 out of 5 stars. Out of all buyer feedbacks, 85% are positive reviews with either 5 or 4 stars, 4% are neutral and negative form only 3%. Also, the company is listed on the first page under the ‘Green tea’ category. In their reviews buyers praised its taste, smooth texture, health benefits and practical packaging.

New additions into the product selection

Earlier this year Enzo’s Private Selection decided to tap into new markets on Amazon and travel sector was the first pick. The very first product from the new portfolio was Enzo’s Travel Neck Pillow. This travel accessory is a great practical little helper for passengers who often travel for long distances. Thanks to the memory foam which copies the natural body curves the users can get enough rest and avoid tiredness and / or travel pain resulting from sitting in one position for a long time.

Since it was added to Enzo’s Amazon store the product has quickly gained popularity and received mostly positive response. So far, it got feedback from 177 buyers and 96% of the reviews were favorable. Customers were satisfied with how soft and smooth was the silky cover of the pillow, cooling gel inside which did make sleeping on it more comfortable because (unlike cheap travel pillows) Enzo’s travel pillow did not get hot and also the fact that fitted very well around the neck.

To give buyers more choice the company decided to add two new color versions and will soon offer the product in midnight sky blue and castle grey.

Following the success of the travel pillow in near future there is going to be a new addition into Enzo’s Private Selection offer. This time the company is going to introduce a new mosquito repellent bracelet which is useful accessory for travelers who want to explore warm, humid exotic locations.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

To increase awareness about deet free all natural mosquito repellent bracelets and its positive use on preventing illness Enzo’s Private Selection plans a viral free giveaways and promotional activities.

As far as spreading the word about Mosquito Bracelet Enzo’s team chose to make the most of blogosphere. The selected bloggers were invited to review and spread the word about all natural mosquito repellent bracelets sold by Enzo’s. The participating bloggers will get an opportunity to try out 150 from the current offer.

Apart from the chosen blogs the company will still keep sharing the latest updates, articles about Travel and healthy lifestyle, matcha recipes and more via their own media channels. To access their Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter account simply use the company website enzocomfort.com as a gateway.

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