Terra’s Garden Poised for Expansion

Rapidly growing salad company has invested $4 million in past 4 years

DORAL, FLORIDA – DECEMBER 01, 2015 – Florida-based Terra’s Garden is poised for rapid expansion in a market where there is essentially no competition.

Terra’s Garden might seem like another salad company at first glance, but the company is offering a few things that no other salad company is able to offer in the market today. Terra’s Garden is offering a proprietary cleansing formula and a special five-step cleansing process that eliminates cross-contamination. There is no human interaction in the cleaning process, meaning that the greens that come from Terra’s Garden are the cleanest on the market.

Terra’s Garden is also offering a few varieties of greens that are in high demand. Currently, Terra’s Garden offers a Romaine Lettuce bagged variety and a bagged Spring Mix. Both salad mixes are highly popular with health and fitness gurus and are known for their nutritional value. Now, due to the proprietary cleansing formula and process offered by Terra’s Garden, the bagged greens are fresher, tastier, and cleaner than other bagged greens on the market.

According to Terra’s Garden, their company has spent $4 million on equipment and research over the past 4 years. These funds have been necessary to design and develop everything from the unique formula used to cleanse the greens to the revolutionary TerraPure™ system.

With the TerraPure™ system, everything is automated. No human contact with the greens is needed, ensuring there is no cross contamination of disease-causing pathogens such as E. coli. An organic wash and gentle brushing techniques are combined with powerful redundant filtration to yield a quality of cleanliness that far exceeds current industry standards. While maintaining an unsurpassed level of cleanliness, the TerraPure™ system also eliminates the need for chemicals while using less water.

Terra’s Garden is highly focused on eco-friendliness. Since the company insists on relying on local goods, they are leaving a lesser global footprint while leaving a positive global impact.

The Terra’s Garden team is committed to delivering reliably healthy foods that are backed by sustainable processes. The company has announced that they will soon offer their proprietary cleaning formula to Congo so that the third world country can have cleaner products, and Terra’s Garden is also developing a home delivery salad service so that people at home or work can enjoy a healthy and convenient meal.

Through its research, the company hopes to continue its development of products and services that positively impact the community and world. Terra’s Garden looks forward to sharing its breakthroughs with the world and like-minded people everywhere.

More information about the latest at Terra’s Garden can be found at http://www.terrasgarden.com/

About Terra’s Garden

Terra’s Garden offers locally grown spring mix and romaine lettuce that are cleaned using the company’s proprietary cleansing formula and five-step process. 

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