Enjoy More Convenience with Airwheel Z3 good quality electric hoverboard

In electronic filed, the huge change has taken place in electric scooters. A good example of course is Airwheel Z3, self-balancing two-wheel scooter. Several small changes in Z3 result in more convenience for people in modern time.

Airwheel Z3, good quality electric hoverboard has revealed itself in the past few months, which is roughly similar to electric bike in the exterior structure. But the importance is these small changes based on the tradition scooters. Z3 is a scooter suitable for riders with different heights thanks to the retractable operating arm. It’s really not only a moveable tool for kids, but also for adults since it can hold up to 100kg. This subtle change allows more people to ride it. The second change is the foot rests. It’s not a deck, but two separate pedals. So there’s enough space for feet to stand comfortably.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRlQsLnqxwo

A telescoping downpipe with a height adjustment lock and the foldable pedals allow users to fold the scooter for compact storage. The third change is the shock mitigation system located on the intersection part of front wheel and the bar. It means the smoothest ride even on the bumpy roads. With the reinforced handlebar and super-tough urethane wheels, the scooter provides amazing rolls and even better traction.

Another change is the innovative battery design. Because the battery is attached on the operating arm, it’s easy for users to replace the exhausted batteries with the fresh ones. Most users can handle the swapping process. Only if riders have countless spare batteries, it can keep rolling forever. Apart from that, Z3 electric hoverboard can be used in rainy days because of the battery design. 

Z3 electric hoverboard

On the other side, the last change is an exclusive App for connecting the two-wheel electric scooter with user’s cellphone. That lets users know the vehicle status such as power level, mileage, and speed etc. Moreover, if the intelligent system finds out some problems with the scooter, it can send message to the phone. By this way, users will be informed of any information about his scooter even the location of the vehicle. With all those changes, Z3 definitely can bring users more convenience as well as a wonderful ride.

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