New Documentary Film “Fallen Angel” Trending Top 20 on IndieGoGo

A new 5 million dollar documentary film, “Fallen Angel: Cover-Up of Shoot-Down Seal Team Six” has rocketed up the charts from #98 on Thanksgiving Thursday to #18 on Black Friday on IndieGoGo’s most trending 40K+ films list. The movie’s objective is to expose a government cover-up of the single largest loss of life of Special Warfare Forces in US history and to change the military’s deadly Rules of Engagement policy.

The movie is based upon best selling author and former Navy JAG officer Don Brown’s exposé “Call Sign Extortion 17: the shoot-down of SEAL Team Six.” Brown’s investigative novel is of a Chinook helicopter that was shot down in Afghanistan on Aug. 6th 2011. Tragically all 30 on board were killed including 15 members of the elite special forces unit SEAL Team Six – the primary unit involved in the killing of Osama Bin Laden. The producers contend this tragedy could have been easily avoided and is being a covered-up primarily in order to protect a failed Rules of Engagement policy, gross incompetence and/or criminal negligence by the government.

The producers state their investigation will seek answers to the following question:

  • Why was a military disaster of this magnitude rushed to completion in 30 days?

  • Why was an Infantry Division commander with no crash investigation training or experience put in charge of and the final authority on this investigation?

  • Why were Autopsy Reports never included in the final report?

  • When bullets were found in the bodies of SEALs why was this never addressed in the final investigation report and who told pathologists to throw these bullets away?

  • Where is the Black Box (the flight data recorders)?

  • Why were 8 unidentified Afghans rushed on board the helicopter with members of SEAL Team Six who had million dollar bounties on their heads?

  • Was this “A Taliban Trap” as reported by the world’s 3rd largest news agency AFP (behind Reuters and the AP)?

  • Was a Vietnam era “non-combat” transport helicopter the best equipped aircraft to be carrying America’s most elite warriors into hot “live fire” combat zone?

  • Why were three US gunships “denied permission to fire” upon Taliban leaders and insurgents located near the landing zone?

  • Is the government’s “Lucky Shot” theory, an RPG shot from 3 1/2 football fields away in total darkness with no night visioning equipment, the government’s attempt to cover-up and to deny any responsibility in this tragedy?

Endorsements of both book and film have come from many military generals such as former Delta Force commander LTG William “Jerry” Boykin (ret) and many respected media outlets. The film has notable Hollywood professionals involved in the production such as Dan Gordon whose credits include Screenwriter and Producer for major Academy Award winning and nominated films such as The Hurricane starring Denzel Washington, Wyatt Earp staring Kevin Costner, and Murder in the First staring Kevin Bacon. The producers state this will be a 1st class production and the definitive investigation on this tragedy.

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