Introducing the New MeeGoPad Intel Cherry Trail PC Stick

Shenzhen, China – On November 20 2015, MeeGoPad International launched an Indiegogo campaign for T07 Cherry Trail PC Stick – their latest portable, powerful personal computer.

“We were the first to introduce a Bay Trail TV stick with our T01. We kept improving our design and making it better,” says Robin Wu, “Now we are on the T05/T07 with Cherry Trail SoC and as long as our team is around we will not stop innovating.” 

With MeeGoPad, any display device can become a full-fledged Windows computer. The Cherry Trail PC Stick lets you stream and play on 4K, immerse in quality music with its 3.5mm audio jack, and more. The T05 and T07 come with active fan cooling to avoid overheating the SoC while you work and play. Now you can play games like never before with their newly added Gen8 Intel HD graphics that improve the device’s performance by 80% compared to the original Bay Trail TV stick.

MeeGoPad is run by a team of engineers, developers and designers focused on making devices running on Intel processors. They dream of making new technologies affordable and available to makers around the world. Now they have turned to the Kickstarter community for help funding their latest innovative product. 

“We are redefining the PC yet again with the T07 Cherry Trail PC stick,” explains the MeeGoPad team.  

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a T05 Bare-bone PC with 2 GB RAM for $79, a T05 with Windows 10 and 2 GB RAM for $94, and more! Backers can also pledge as little as $109 for one MeeGoPad T07 4GB RAM 32GB eMMC Win10 Activated, $219 for two MeeGoPad units or $945 for ten units. 

For more information, please visit the Indiegogo page here or contact the creator below. 

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