Tradogram’s Procurement Platform Hits The Bullseye on Services

An Effortless Purchasing Process Can Be Achieved In A Variety Of Industries.

OTTAWA, ON – 12/1/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — As economies grow and populations increase, the services sector has seen substantial growth.  The once overlooked procurement function has slowly developed a competitive advantage in this sector.  In order to provide their services efficiently, they need to ensure they control all types of expenditure.  Companies can benefit from a purchasing platform that corresponds to their precise needs, as demand for diverse items such as consumablesraw materialservices, and equipment is constant.  PIBCI, an Ottawa-based company, has polished version 2.0 of their application, Tradogram, to emphasize the advantages of procurement software for the services sector in general.

Tradogram has made a strategic decision to focus on growing industries that involve projects in a variety of locations, accelerated transactions, contractors, and time-sensitive deliveries.  Hospitalityproperty managementmining, and construction companies (as a few examples) are in an ideal position to optimize procurement through the implementation of this cloud-based software.  In these organizations the potential for benefits is considerable due to the sheer number of people connected to the purchasing process, both inside and outside the company.

New features have just been launched on Tradogram’s purchasing software, some of which include budgets, multicurrency transactions, contracts, and an order approval system based on amount and category.  These features integrate favourably with the services sector, as they promote effective spend control, negotiations spanning international locations, and economies of scale.  Additionally, a variety of purchasing techniques can be accommodated, from ordering through online catalogues to negotiating with multiple suppliers to shipping from global locations.  Most importantly, all stakeholders can collaborate easily while maintaining control throughout every transaction.

The changeable nature of work sites in the services sector demands the ease and accessibility of a cloud-based application.  For example, on construction and mining sites employees must be able to obtain the items they need in a timely and location-specific manner.  This facilitates an ideal workflow that maintains day-to-day operational functionality, a critical factor in remote areas where communication can be challenging.  Events that must be conducted at a certain time (for example, a banquet or a property showing) also benefit from the efficiencies of cloud-based software – deliveries can be tracked, ensuring every item will arrive exactly when anticipated.

The end customers in these industries have very high expectations of quality products and services.  Tradogram understands such demands and provides every feature necessary for companies interested in achieving anoptimal procurement process.

About Tradogram

Tradogram is a powerful, cost-effective, and secure online private purchasing platform.  Tradogram is the result of a commitment to innovation, a strategy which serves the diverse needs of medium to large enterprises without neglecting small businesses.

Tradogram knows that efficiency, measurable savings, and controlled procurement are crucial factors in user satisfaction.  Tradogram’s passionate team of professionals want to facilitate enhanced information management and strong supplier control.  Try a free account and experience the benefits firsthand.

Tradogram offers an Affiliate Referral Partner program for consultants and consulting agencies involved in IT, supply chain and/or general business management.  Start incorporating the latest technology in purchasing within your consulting services.  If you think our services would complement your goals, contact to learn more about our partner program.

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