Your Best Leisure Time Companion, Airwheel Q1 pride mobility electric scooters

What do you do when you are free? Dare you challenge Airwheel Q1 electric unicycle? While trying to handle it and ride it fast, you can enjoy endless fun as well as strengthen physical health.

People pay more attention to their physical constitution and taking exercise regularly becomes a routine since it’s good to health. When they have leisure time, they like to work out. There a few people don’t want to be limited in gym, and thus to select a convenient and useful exercise equipment is very important. Maybe, bicycle comes to people’s minds first, but it’s restricted by space. Yet Airwheel twin-wheeled electric scooter is meant for this, which can be your best leisure time companion.

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Airwheel Q1 pride mobility electric scooters with 12.5-inch twin-tire is smaller in contrast to other Q series products. To great extent, it isn’t restricted by narrow roads. It’s mini yet chic in its exterior. The cute and useful scooter can be users’ travel tool. Although it’s small, it can hold up 120kg. Its design style is concise, yet full of visual beauty with two different circles overlapping. It’s powered by battery, boasting the maximum speed 18 kilometers per hour. The maximum distance it rolls is 23 kilometers under the full charge which also depends on rider’s weight and the road conditions.

electric one wheel scooter

In regards to Q1’s performance that is not strong, but as a companion it can handle at the leisure time. Adopting aerospace attitude theory and gyroscope system with the twin-wheel is not difficult to maintain balance unlike the electric unicycle which is devilishly difficult to master. This electric one wheel scooter is similar to a bicycle in terms of riding skills, and riders can keep balance via slightly tilting sideways. When riders make it tilt sideways more than 45, or turns over, the system will activate tilting protection to make motor stall immediately to avoid injuring. Additionally it’s safe to jump out of it when you feel it’s gonna fall over since the distance between the foot rests to the ground is about 15cm.

Q1 as a companion is to help you enjoy a good time, and have a Q1 easy-to-use scooter to kill the leisure time. Meanwhile, it’s good for you to keep physical health. Spice up the life at this moment.

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