The Bath Salts That Are Not For Your Bath

Bath salts is a stimulant drug that is powerful and is known to cause the user to feel as though they have lost their mind.
Commonly, when individuals talk about bath salts, they are referring to fragrant salts that make for a pleasurable bath time; however, there is now a drug of the same name that is growing rapidly in popularity.

This synthetically manufactured drug contains chemicals that are associated with cathinone which is organically in the khat plant. More specifically, it contains MDVP (methylenedioxypyrovalerone) or mephedrone. The drug may be snorted, used intravenously, or taken orally by drinking the substance.

The effects of the bath salt high are extreme and long-lasting. This is a stimulant drug is powerful and is known to cause the user to feel as though they have lost their mind. Users have reported unrealistic cases of paranoia while on the drug. The paranoia can be as extreme as hiding from windows for fear that neighbors are watching them, fear of speaking because there are cameras and recorders in the room causing the user to write everything down in order to communicate, sometimes backwards, and even the fear of brushing one’s teeth because of the irrational terror that spiders may crawl up the throat.

The biggest problem is that bath salts can be purchased online or in smoke shops legally. Though it is now illegal to be in possession of or under the influence of MDVP and more twenty-six chemicals used to make bath salts, the creators of this drug simply find new chemicals to make the drug with that are not yet banned. These drug manufacturers will continue to work around the bans in order to stay in business. As the drug gains popularity, there is a bath salts epidemic underway.

The risk of overdose of bath salts is high because it is mostly sold in five-hundred milligram packages, while the average dose is no more than twenty milligrams. There have been reports of heightened heart rate, seizures, high blood pressure, delusions, violent behavior, suicidal tendencies, homicidal tendencies, hallucinations, and even death.

The true long-term effects of bath salts have not yet been entirely determined because this is still a new drug; however, high addiction rates are reported. With the formula of this drug constantly changing new and more addictive chemicals are being added in order to make this synthetic drug profits thrive. Furthermore, drug testing cannot keep up with the changes in chemicals making it difficult to detect. The best option is to educate individuals on the dangers of bath salts before more it is too late and more people become addicted to this drug that grips a tight hold of the user’s mind and body.


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