Going Back To School In Recovery

Thousands of addicts every day go back to school and succeed in realizing their dreams.
Addiction robs us of our dreams.

As children, we dream of having powerful, successful careers; but when addiction takes over those dreams fall to the wayside. Plans get put on hold. Many teenage addicts may drop out of high school entirely, making getting a job so much harder. When addicts make the big plunge into recovery, they can slowly begin to realize those dreams and pursue an education.

Going back to school can be intimidating initially. Many addicts wonder if they are still smart, or if their substance abuse has damaged their brain to the point of no return. They may have problems with self-confidence. When they lack the confidence required to simply enroll in school, those dreams are bleak. By doing honest hard-work in recovery, one can gain back their self-confidence.

Here are some tips for going back to school while in recovery:

• Do not take on a full load if you are not ready. School can be very demanding, and requires a lot of time. Enrolling as a full time student is a big commitment, and if you do not feel confident enough to attend school full-time, it will be overwhelming try to do so. To avoid this, try enrolling in just two classes to begin with.

• Have patience with yourself. It may have been a long time since you have had to do such brain-powered work like mathematics, reading, writing, and critical thinking. If your brain works slower than it once did before addiction, have patience because the brain does recover. With time and practice, your brain will get used to having to operate at a high thinking level.

• Keep working a strong program of recovery. School can be stressful, and stress can be a trigger. If you do not continue to participate in the activities and practices that you were previously doing to stay abstinent from substances and grow in recovery, you may fall victim to relapse, and school is so much harder while trying to fulfill the demands of an addiction.

• Do not put school in front of your recovery. It is often said, and has been proven, that anything you put in front of your recovery you will lose.

By following these simple tips, any addict can resume pursuing their dreams and graduate from high school or college. The brain is a resilient tool, and it can come back from being abused by substances for so long. Thousands of addicts every day go back to school and succeed in realizing their dreams. It just takes a little motivation and confidence, which are characteristics that any addict is capable of possessing after being in recovery for a time.

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