The “Weekend Warrior:” Trying to Control Substance Abuse

Focus on sober activities like spending time with family, exercising, going to the movies, and bowling.
When using drugs or alcohol becomes an out of control lifestyle, making one’s life unmanageable, one may try to moderate their use.

A common attempt at doing this is only using on the weekends, by becoming a “weekend warrior.” This may seem like a good idea initially, after all, many people do not work on the weekends, so it seems to be the perfect time to let loose and relax; however, the problem is that the using days tend to spill over into the work week. The goal of stopping the use by Sunday evening suddenly becomes, “I’ll just make sure to have enough to get me through Monday morning as well.” Then it becomes, “I’ll just drink a little alcohol to help me sleep Monday night,” and “It was a really rough day at work today, so I think I deserve just a little.” Pretty soon it continues on with a justification for the use of the substance nearly every day of the week, and the weekend never really ends.

The problem with being a “weekend warrior” who drinks solely on the weekends is that binge drinkers who participate in drinking only Friday, Saturday and Sunday are susceptible to alcohol withdrawal during the week. It is a worse consequence for drinking than a hangover is. The alcohol withdrawal symptoms may persist until the next drink enters the body, making it difficult to function during the workweek, thus forcing the alcoholic to drink every day just to keep from experiencing those withdrawal symptoms. Failed attempts to drinking only on the weekends leads an alcoholic right back to where they started.

The key to keeping one’s drug and alcohol use from making their life unmanageable is to simply not drink or use at all once it is known that it is a problem. There is really no such thing as “controlled using” for an addict. In knowing that one has a problem, they really have no business testing the waters, because they know where it will take them. Addiction can creep back into an addict’s life when they least expect it. It is better to focus on sober activities like spending time with family, exercising, going to the movies, and bowling.

Spending time around people who do not use, and are supportive of one’s abstinence will not lead one back into a life full of out of control unmanageability. The key to “controlled using” is really to not use at all, no matter which day of the week it is.

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