7 Invaluable Lessons To Be Learned in Recovery From Substance Abuse

Having emotions again is a good sign that you are returning back to reality.
Recovery from substance abuse is a lifelong process.

It is essentially the start of another chapter in life. There are copious amounts of lessons to be learned, sometimes the hard way. These are some lessons that can be learned simply and over time in recovery.

1. Do not feel sorry for yourself: In joining a group of other individuals in recovery, such as a 12-step fellowship, you will find that you are not alone in your addiction. There are millions of addicts in the world who all face similar adversities. Giving into self-pity does nothing positive for your life. Instead, search for inner strength.

2. You are powerless: You have lost control of your life and in doing so your life has become riddled with unmanageability. In admitting you are powerless there is great freedom. Rather than trying to maintain control over your own life, release the power to a outside strength or higher power.

3. You can be independent: Many addicts have for so long been been relying on others who have been enabling their behavior. Perhaps they have been receiving money from parents or spouses in order to support their addiction. In recovery, one can become independent and support themselves. You do not have to rely on validation from others in order to feel good about yourself; you can draw self-esteem from within and learn to realize the power of appreciating the wonderful person you are becoming.

4. Do not say you will not use for the rest of your life: Stating that you will not use for the rest of your life can be tough to swallow. Instead, take recovery one day at a time. Sometimes, it is even easier to take it one moment at a time. Some moments will be more difficult to abstain than others; however it does get easier and the urges will lessen over time. 

5. Embrace your feelings: It may have been a long time since you have genuinely had feelings. They may all come back to you all at once, which can be very overwhelming. Rather than letting those emotions take over, try to be happy that you are feeling again. Having emotions again is a good sign that you are returning back to reality.

6. Let go of the past: Do not live in the past, learn from it. Do not let things you have done in your addiction bring you down, instead make proper amends for any hurt you have caused. Staying in the past simply hinders your recovery. Instead, focus on what you can do today.

7. Do not be afraid to ask for help: Admitting you cannot manage recovery alone is important. It is not a sign of weakness to seek outside help. Getting a sponsor is a great way to get help in recovery, and establishing a strong foundation of support from family, friends, and 12-step fellowships is essential to having somewhere to fall back on when life shows up.

Recovery is full of lessons to be learned. Some are more difficult to learn than others. In keeping in mind these lessons, you can make the transition from substance abuse to recovery so much easier. 

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