How Drinking Alcohol in Recovery Leads You Back to Your Drug of Choice

Drinking may seem like a good idea at the time; however, it can be a slippery slope.
Many people separate alcohol from other drugs, thinking they can still drink after they enter recovery for their drug of choice.

The truth is that once you begin drinking again you are really just trading one substance for another. If you already know you have an addictive personality, you are that much more likely to become addicted to alcohol too; but the real problem is that drinking alcohol while in recovery more than likely will lead you back to your drug of choice.

No matter how determined you are to remain abstinent from drugs, whether you were addicted to cocaine, heroin, pain killers, or methamphetamine, you are always at risk of returning to it if you do not keep your recovery strong. Often, when drug addicts drink the thought of, “You know what would go great with this drink?” goes through their mind once they are under the influence of alcohol.

Reasons to not drink while in recovery from narcotics:

• Once you are in recovery, you must realize that you are an addict. Knowing this, you acknowledge that you have an addictive personality which means that thinking you can have “just one” can lead to a whole bottle whether or not you were ever a heavy drinker. This is because you are chasing a mind-altering state that you are no longer achieving through your drug of choice.

• At the beginning of recovery, many addicts are still experiencing post-acute withdrawal syndrome, or PAWS. Drinking alcohol can actually make the symptoms of PAWS worse.

• Putting one mind altering substance in your body makes it feel like it is okay to put another mind altering substance in your body because alcohol lowers your inhibitions, which are what keeps you from doing and saying things you would not normally do.

Drinking may seem like a good idea at the time; however, it can be a slippery slope. Just a couple of glasses of wine, or a couple shots, can lead you bring you back to the exact place you are trying to avoid. Even if you do not pick up your drug of choice again, your chances of becoming addicted to alcohol are much higher, which can result it cross-addiction.

It is best to stay clear of all mind altering substances once you have begun recovery from drugs. For recovery purposes, it is best to classify alcohol as a drug in your mind.

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