Once An Addict, Always An Addict: The Truth Behind The Lie

Addicts have the power to come back from their addiction stronger than ever.
Many individuals believe addicts are incapable of changing genuinely abstaining from drugs.

They have been deceived by addicts for so long that they cannot trust them anymore. Those people who believe the saying, “Once an addict, always an addict” will be surprised to find out that addicts who enter recovery can actually improve themselves and become trustworthy, honest, self-respecting, selfless individuals with work and time.

Though an addict will always be susceptible to addiction, and will always be considered a recovering addict, they do have the capability to enter recovery and in doing so, grow into individuals with integrity. Using the tools learned in a treatment facility, addicts can learn coping skills for managing their stress and cravings for drugs. It is there that they also learn how to rebuild their character. Treatment facilities lay the foundation for a strong recovery.

After treatment, addicts can follow up with their treatment with an outpatient program and sober living. It is there that they learn how to be accountable and live life in a structured environment. They will break old habits that were not conducive to a healthy life and replace those habits with responsibilities and courageously face life situations head on. Where they used to lie, they learn to tell the truth. Where they used to disappear when faced with adversity, they now handle their problems with grace. Where they used to walk through life in fear, they now have faith. Where they used to have hopelessness, they now have hope.

Many things can be learned in entering a 12-step program. The sponsor-sponsee relationship teaching healthy relationships, and is another way to learn to be accountable. Members in the 12-step program influence each other and learn from the experiences one another went through and are going through. Addicts learn to be parents again and addicts  young and old even go back to school.

Addicts are resilient people. They have the power to come back from their addiction stronger than ever. They possess the opportunity to start their lives over. Through making a living amends of vowing to live a sober life one day at a time, and progressing in the fundamental work on themselves, they create new identities. They can transform their lives into a fantastic life beyond their wildest dreams. In applying perseverance to their recovery, they can make it through the rest of their lives without using substances. Addicts do recover.


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