Law Offices of Tyler Fair, Esq. Provide Legal Services in Tahoe Basin

Law Offices of Tyler Fair, Esq. are now ready to provide legal assistance to residents of Tahoe Basin in three major areas.

Strategically located in South Lake Tahoe, CA, the Law Offices of Tyler Fair, Esq. now opens its doors to all clients in the entire Tahoe Basin and other nearby areas. As a trusted legal practitioner, Tyler specializes in the areas of Unlawful Detainer, Probate and Estate Planning and Trust Administration.

Probate is a process in which an estate’s assets are being distributed to the creditors and heirs. It usually includes wills as every will is being validated and accepted through probate process. This will include a process in which the heirs are allowed to submit a Court petition for determining the asset distribution if no will exists.

Meanwhile, an Unlawful Detainer is very important for all landlords who need to deal with difficult tenants who refuse to move out of the place on their own. On the other hand, trust administration is something that needs to be executed properly and professionally by someone who knows the ins and outs of the legal field.

These three major areas that are handled by Tyler Fair cannot just be entrusted to any attorney. It is important to work with someone who specializes with these cases and are well versed with all the laws that are associated with them.

By hiring the legal services of Tyler Fair, you can expect that you don’t just have a dependable attorney by your side but also a friend who will guide you in every step of the way. With his long years of being in the legal arena, Tyler knows that these cases should be addressed with great care to ensure that the parties involved will not in any way experience stress or discomfort, especially in the case of trust administration where there is also the undeniable knowledge that a loved one has pass and in during these difficult times, there are legal concerns that need to be addressed. With the help of the Law Offices of Tyler Fair, Esq., clients can expect to get the quality legal assistance that they deserve.

About Tyler Fair:

Born and raised in the same area where he chose to establish his own law offices, Tyler Fair graduated from University of California in Santa Barbara with his B.A and attended the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law for his J.D. After spending a decade away from his hometown, he went back to Lake Tahoe and this time, he has a goal in mind and that is to provide competent and comprehensive probate, trust administration and estate planning services. His Google Profile gives clients with a glimpse of his qualifications and what he can do for them.

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