Kansas Resident Slams Lawrence Police Department With Federal Civil Rights Violation Lawsuit

After enduring countless violations of his Civil Rights, Guy Neighbors had enough of illegal police procedures that violated his rights to Due Process. The “Good-Old-Boys” mentality is thriving in Lawrence, Kansas.

Lawrence, Kansas – December 02, 2015 – In a civil rights case that warrants everyone’s attention, Guy Neighbors has placed the spotlight squarely on the Lawrence Kansas Police Department along with the City of Lawrence. Guy filed an action under U.S.C.42/Sec.1983 in the United States District Courtin Kansas. Case #15-4921 throws down the gauntlet against what appears to be an organized attempt to deprive Mr. Neighbors of his basic constitutional rights. The case clearly states how police officers exceeded their authority to act without probable cause. The only time officers may act without a certain probable cause is in the case of “exigent circumstances”, which did not exist with this purported seat belt violation.

After reviewing the facts of the case, one might wonder how a police officer in a patrol car could see whether Mr. Neighbors was wearing a seat belt while he was in a Truck. Neighbors stated the police car dash cam video showed that the officer could not see who was driving the vehicle or if the driver had his seat belt. It is obvious that they could not. The Officers used this “supposed” seat belt violation as an open door to harass Guy Neighbors beyond belief. The fact that they knew Mr. Neighbors, who is an Afro-American, was married to a Caucasian women was the basis for the showing of “racial animus” as the cause for repeated unlawful stops. The question arises as to how many other Lawrence Kansas citizens have been the subject of this targeted civil rights violations.

The improprieties extend beyond the local police department, and include the Lawrence Municipal Court where hearings on legal cases are heard without any record keeping. The Municipal Court has only Administrative Authority, it does not have Jurisdiction, and it is not a Court of Record. No stenographers were present to document what has transpired between the Defendant and the City. This is in-and-of-itself a Violation of the right of Due Process. How can a person proceed to a higher court with no transcript of proceedings? This is a procedure from the middle ages, and needs to be corrected right now. How can a Defendant show prosecutorial misconduct in court without a transcript, or maybe they are afraid to show how cozy the Judges are with the Prosecutors. This is the “Good-Old-Boys” mentality where there is an unwritten code of cooperation which inherently tramples on Civil Rights.

In Neighbors case, he alleges: “The Defendants violated Neighbors rights guaranteed by the constitution at 18 U.S.C./Sec.1983. The Defendants racially profiled Neighbors during several traffic stops that were performed without probable cause. The defendants acted with “Deliberate Indifference” to following the “Constitution” or “Federal Laws” when they performed the traffic stops on Neighbors without probable cause. These unlawful traffic stops were the result of the Un- Constitutional Policies, Procedures, Ordinances, and Laws the City of Lawrence implemented.

Neighbors was damaged while the Defendants were enforcing city policies while acting “under color of law,” and the unconstitutional policies, procedures, ordinances, City Laws are the source of this action. Neighbors was damaged and is praying this court grant him just compensation for his injuries, or what the court finds just and fair.” Neighbors will prove that the City of Lawrence Traffic/Municipal Court citation process and procedures are un-constitutional. Neighbors challenged the Municipal Court’s jurisdiction and that challenge was never stated on the record in the case. The citations issued in this cause of action were flawed. Kansas State law requires a description of the alleged violation on the face of the citation. The citation filed in court in this case did not have a description written on the face of the citation.

Guy Neighbors has established a Blog Site so that the public can follow this precedent setting case.

For complete information, please visit: http://guyneig.blogspot.com/



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