Amazon And Author Katrina Hardin Announces The Release Of Christmas Children’s Book Elf Bully: The Prequel That Encourage Children To Read

A new fun Christmas book has been launched on Amazon for children to encourage them to read. Elf Bully: The Prequel tells the story of a naughty elf that decides to commit the crime of Christmas by stealing children’s Christmas presents. The book promotes literacy and discourages bullying.

The author of Elf Bully, which was a big hit for children in 2011, and Annie ate 48 sour green apples, has now released her latest book called Elf Bully: The Prequel(The Elfing Truth About Why You Don’t Get What You Want for Christmas). The book was written by Katrina Hardin to encourage children to read with the message from Father Christmas that reading is a good thing.

The story follows a naughty elf that has put a plan together to spoil Christmas for children all around the world. He has broken the law and intends to steal the presents that Santa delivers. However, there is a flaw in the little Elf’s plan. If children read books, then it will slow down the Elf and stop children from losing out on the Christmas gifts that Santa is trying to deliver them. The story, which encourages children to read shows children how important reading is and how they can with other children save Christmas.

Elf Bully: The Prequel is the second book in the series and has been described as a fun book for children to read. The book, which is available from Amazon ( priced at $3.54 as a Kindle download is the perfect present to for a child to receive. Not only is it fun, and puts them in the Christmas mood, it also encourages them to read. With the message from Santa on how important reading is, and how reading can only do good, the author hopes children will listen to the Christmas message and enjoy reading books for many years to come.

Since the release of Elf Bully: The Prequel, it has received positive reviews from parents and book reviewers. It has given parents and schools an important tool to encourage children to read.

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About Elf Bully: The Prequel

Elf Bully: The Prequel was written by Katrina Hardin and illustrated by Darius Hill. The book is the second in the series of Elf Bully. It is available on Amazon.

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