The innovative ‘Buddy Light’ surpasses it s fundraising goals on Kickstarter

Buddy light is the first of its kind light designed to light up closets, cabinets and other dark spaces in homes or apartments. The product was launched on Kickstarter with a goal of $15,000 but within a few weeks it exceeded the goal and raised an amount of approximately $18,000 till now.

The product is meant to resolve the age old problem of dark closets, cabinets and other poorly lit spaces at homes. It works similar to the refrigerator light and lights up the space automatically as soon as the cabinet/closet door is opened. The patent pending design includes an extended magnetic switch and a custom designed battery powered LED strip which are known to last longer and consume less battery power as compared to the incandescent lights.

The high quality LED lights are ensured to light up throughout the entire area while the magnetic switch are highly durable as they don’t come in contact with each other eliminating friction and reducing chances of wearing off.

Buddy light can be used to light up inside of kitchen cabinets, pantries, bathroom vanities and more. It doesn’t require any electrician to install but with the help of already attached 2 sided tapes, it can be easily installed by the user themselves.

The advanced switch also ensures that the Buddy light shuts off when the door is slightly open resulting in power saving. The high quality 4-AA battery is promised to last up to 2 years with normal usage of Buddy Light.

The Kickstarter campaign will support the makers to handle the tooling and production cost of the product. The campaign also provides a chance for the backers to own Buddy Light at an early bird price. The product is already sold out to 100 backers at a super early bird price of $15 and the pledge of $17 is running out quickly as well.

Buddy light is created by Bob Smith who has a wide background in electrical engineering and manufacturing along with Steve Roberge who also utilized his vast experience in manufacturing and construction project management, to build this project.

View the campaign on Kickstarter.

Media Contact
Company Name: Buddy Light LLC
Contact Person: Steven Roberge
Phone: 860-490-1765
Country: United States