Swingers Date Club Reveals Stringent Anti-Child Pornography Filters and Policies

Platform ensures that swingers have a safe place share common interest while ensuring that children are never exploited.

Swingers Date Club’s CEO, Dave Vandewouw, recently revealed that the platform fights against child pornography on a daily basis.

Swingers Date Club offers a safe platform where swingers can come to meet and mingle online, and the company has been an active sponsor of the ASACP for more than 5 years. “We work extremely hard to fight against child pornography every day,” said Vandewouw.

Swingers Date Club has an active support staff that works around the clock, combing through the website to ensure that no type of illicit activity is happening on the platform. When any of the platform’s rules are violated, immediate action is taken, and SDC always forwards violators’ personal information to the appropriate authorities.

“We believe that possessing and receiving child pornography is a serious federal crime, and we simply won’t stand for child abuse on any level,” said Vandewouw. According to his team, it is a huge undertaking to commit to sifting through the entire website around the clock, but the work is completely worth it to ensure that children around the world are safe.

The Swingers Date Club staff also accredits their members, who have contacted the staff in the past when they see anything hurtful or offensive. “Child pornography must be stopped… we vow to do our part in fighting this battle every day,” said Vandewouw.

At SDC, swingers around from all over the world can connect with each other for swinger’s travel, events, clubs, parties, blogs, and more in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, and beyond.

Further information can be found at https://www.sdc.com/

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