This woman aims to get a college degree at the age of 37, starts a fund raiser

Misty Harlow, 37, has started a crowd funding campaign to raise money for completing her degree in college. The campaign is live on Gofundme with a goal of $2500 which she will utilize to pay her educational expenses.

She blatantly accepts the reason she joined college this late and that was because she spent all her youth partying and wasting her time. Nonetheless, she moved on with her life and had a son named Oliver in 2009, who proved as an inspiration for her to get back on right track in life.

Misty aims to be a great and respectable mother to his son and for that she wants to achieve good education and a good career. After facing a troubled childhood, losing herself in early youth and a major heartbreak, at present she’s focusing her best to her education and nurturing her son.

In 2012, she took admission in Pierce College, graduated with a 3.95 GPA and received her Associate’s degree along with Dean’s List Honors and Presidential Award Honors. With a goal to become an English professor and teach on the college level, she has taken admission into California Lutheran University as English major.

She also received a few scholarships and to afford her studies she’s juggling between two jobs of waitressing and administrator in an enrichment company. Although, the university is proving a bit expensive for her and that is why she has turned to the masses for support.

The success of the campaign will ensure that she is able to complete her education successfully and become a teacher as she planned. She has a aim to make a difference in people’s lives and guide them on the right. As a teacher, she hopes to inspire the youth to be what they want to be and chose the right path in their life.

People have given good response to her campaign but she still has a long way to go to accomplish the campaign goal. For those who can’t contribute at the moment, she has urged the people to share the campaign on social media.

View the campaign on Gofundme.

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