Fabian Perez Embodies Cultures Through Artwork

Geisha en Turquesa
The artist Fabian Perez, from Buenos Aires, Argentina has spent much of his life traveling and appreciating humanity in some of the most beloved and diverse cultures in the world.

Some of his paintings draw from memories of his early life when he witnessed the brothels and nightclubs that his father operated illegally. The woman in these paintings are seductive and sultry characters that evoke a feeling of mystery and intrigue in the viewer. Other paintings show Flamenco dancers, and are rich in movement. The tango dancers that are illustrated in some paintings are full of colorful dresses that allow the viewer to see the dancer come to life on the canvas.

Perez spent seven years of his young adult life in Italy where he traveled and witnessed the beauty of the Italian culture. Currently, he has a collection titled “Venice” which is inspired by his time spent in Padova, a small town on the outskirts of Venice. In addition, he has a collection titled, “Wine and Spirits” which shows displays of wine and champagne in illuminated glasses being toasted. In the same collection, he shows vineyards and wine cellars which also come from his time spent in Italy. These rustic paintings make the viewer feel that they are actually in Italy, and if one looks long enough, they can truly feel the sun on their cheeks and the wind in their hair.

After leaving Italy, Perez went to Japan where he furthered his lifelong studies in martial arts and continued to create art. He found inspiration for a collection entitled “Geishas” that depicts beautiful Geishas in their traditional kimonos (pictured above). Perez has great respect for the Japanese culture, and this is illustrated in the somber faces of the Geishas in his work.

After Perez’s parents passed in his mid and late teenage years he spent time living as a gypsy. It was then that he spent time in Rio living off of the warm sandy beaches as a nomad. The memories of these times excited him to create a collection called “Nomades.” These paintings incorporate song and dance, which shows the visible energy of the gypsy life. His painting “Moraito” shows a passionate guitarist allowing his music to flow through his body. The notable effect of light hitting the player’s face and hands is painted on the canvas in such a realistic manner that the viewer could believe that the light was actually illuminating the painting.

Perez’s life can truly be seen throughout his works. He has lived a life rich in culture, music, dancing, and tasting the finest wines. Traveling across the world in his lifetime, he now resides in Los Angeles, California where he raises his three children with his beloved wife, who is featured in many of the paintings he creates today.

He spends mornings and early afternoons in his studio painting because this is when he feels that the lighting is most pleasing to create art in. This can be seen in all of his works because the viewer will notice that one of the most striking features in his paintings is the way the light adds character to the subjects. This is especially notable in his pieces that are of women, as he uses paint to create light, a highlight that enhances the shapes, curves, and lines of the woman’s body.

In addition to the cultures that are depicted in the paintings, whether they are South American, Asian, or European, a very important piece of Perez’s work is emotions that he is able to invoke simply using paint on canvas. Perez, who has always struggled with being able to communicate feelings, uses his art as a medium to channel his emotional energy into. He uses this method to communicate moods, emotions and feelings. If he is understood through his artwork, then he has succeeded creating what is a masterpiece to him. Perez will be appearing with his work at Village Gallery on December fifth, 2015 from six o’clock in the evening until nine o’clock in the evening. It is an invaluable and rare opportunity to meet the artist behind the paintings in a close intimate setting.

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