Fabian Perez Is Due To Make A Memorable Appearance At Village Gallery

Flamenco Dancer with Fan – Bronze
On Saturday, December 5th 2015 Fabian Perez is will be appearing at Village Gallery at the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA.

The artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina will be at Village Gallery in person, along with his art which will be on display from six o’clock until nine o’clock that night. This art show will be open to the public for all to enjoy this rare, personal appearance. The original paintings and the largest selection of hand embellished Limited Edition canvases available anywhere in the United States will be presented at the gallery.

Perez’s art depicts inspirational scenes, many of which are sensual and portray the beauty of women. Several of his pieces show women with flawless nonchalant up-dos that allow for the viewers to see the way a woman’s body looks, elegantly in simple yet tasteful dresses. Many of his pieces focus on the woman’s back which allows the viewer to take note of the way the light can hit the shoulders of a woman creating beautiful and natural shadows and curves.

Other pieces depict romantic scenes such as a man standing in front of a moonlit doorway holding a flower behind his back in the painting “Surprise at Moonlight.” The painting “The Proposal” shows an image of a man and a woman sharing in a tantalizing secret, while the painting “Red, White, and Rose IV” shows three types of wine being toasted with; however, what is really noticeable is the way that Perez uses the paint to create the illusion of light bouncing off the glasses and reflects upon the wine.

Above all, regardless if the painting is a piece depicting women focusing on the beauty of her body, men in romantic scenarios, or a piece showing the beauty of a complex wine, the most noteworthy aspect of the painting is the way the paint is used to illuminate the mood of the art using light. Perez even created a piece for the respectable Pope that, when put face to face with the Pope in person, really does show a likeness. Perez’s Limited Editions will be on display at Village Gallery, many of which are not typically seen; but still stay true to Perez’s signature style. Fans of Perez and those who appreciate fine art will be astonished at the subtle hints of romance and grace that can be seen in Perez’s display on December 5th, 2015.

Perez’s work includes bronze statues of passionate tango positions between a man and a woman, causal scenes such as a man lighting a cigarette and a man sitting in a simple yet distinguished pose, and even a more power driven piece of a woman striking a strong dance stance in “Flamenco Dancer with Fan” (pictured above). These unforgettable statues also have a way of attracting the light, and the way that Perez has mastered them allows the light to dance along every curve and line of the human body, thus bringing the scene to life. Even the way a dress lays on a woman’s body is accounted for; every detail that makes a piece of art stand out and become appreciated is adorned. Perez creates these statues as a tribute to the beauty he has seen in his life in Argentina, and the culture that has been so adored for centuries.

In a modern world full of photographs, the magic that a painting can capture is sometimes forgotten. This showing of Perez’s work serves to remind the community of the remarkable way paint on canvas can evoke feelings, inspiration, hope and excitement. The chance to see the artist in person is a rare and invaluable opportunity; he is a celebrity in the art world and a legend in the making. Long after the artwork of Perez discontinues in creation, art fans young and old will still appreciate his work, which will be remembered as some of the most extraordinary and alluring works of our time.

Whether the viewer is noticing the curves of a woman’s body, the beauty of the simple glass of wine, or a couple striking a romantically energized tango pose, every piece that will be shown at Village Gallery will be remembered. The chance to see Perez in person is an opportunity that should not be missed. The man behind the art is a rising star that is more than talented; he is an artistic genius that shows the world the beauty of the culture he knows and loves. 


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