Village Gallery of Irvine Presents Fabian Perez

Outside Las Brujas
Village Gallery in Irvine, CA is overjoyed to present the artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina Fabian Perez.

The gallery will be featuring new original paintings and a large selection of artwork.  Perez will be attending the event in person in order to meet with some of his fans new and old. This exciting opportunity will be taking place December 5th, 2015 from 6-9 PM.

The inspiration of beauty is apparent in all of Perez’s work. He strives to perpetuate natural beauty found in the world. Perez sees romance everywhere in the world and believes in the defined roles of men and women. He sees life beyond materialistic possessions but rather in terms of passion and grace. He creates his art to be an embellishment of the organic nature that can be seen in the world; something for those who can appreciate this wonderful concept to have and enjoy.

About the Life of Fabian Perez

Perez, born November 2nd 1967, has lived a notable life in Argentina, Italy, Japan, and now Los Angeles, CA. Perez is also an accomplished writer with a published book in both Italy and the United States. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he did not have the easiest childhood. His father owned illegal businesses that included nightclubs and bordellos. His father also had a gambling problem. Some of Perez’s earliest memories are of his father being sought out at his own home by the police. He remembers his father going to jail more than once, resulting in Perez looking for his father at police stations at a young age. After a long and unsuccessful struggle to maintain the business, his father left his businesses behind, causing him to lose everything and fall into a deep and dark depression.

Though his father caused many problems in his young life, Perez’s mother encouraged his artistic side which would eventually become his life’s work. Perez’s mother, also artistic, would excitedly display his drawings that were still very talented even as a child. As a teenager he became excited about soccer and martial arts which he eventually used the principles learned in his art. He never finished high school, nor did he ever take any formal art lessons in school which allowed his passions to drive him. The teachers recognized his talents and would call upon him to draw subjects such as Argentine heroes. When he was a young adult he took some art courses so that he could learn more about the craft of drawing and painting; however, the bulk of his talents stems from natural ability, possibly from the genetics of his mother. Like many other successful artists, he never received any true formal training. 

Perez draws upon inspiration from his past. The images that are seen in his paintings of the mysterious yet interesting man outside the nightclubs and bordellos are actually images that came from using his father as a muse (pictured above). Many of the women in his paintings are actually memories of those women who were at his father’s nightclubs and brothels. In these paintings, the emotion, mood, and sensuality of these women comes to life and sets the tone for the artwork. Their thoughts and expressions leap off the canvas making the viewer become intrigued to take a second look.

In addition to the influences from his life on his work, he draws upon inspiration from other artists such as Lautrec, Sargent, Cezanne, and the legendary Picasso; however, Perez’s work is unmistakably unique. Perez currently resides in Los Angeles where he has a studio. He is married to Luciana Perez and they have three children. She is depicted in many of his paintings as a tribute to their love.

One of the most undoubtedly apparent aspects of Perez’s work is the use of light to enhance the woman’s and the man’s natural beauty. The way that Perez illustrates the seductive nature of the woman is unforgettable; it seems to capture the romance of a woman’s sensuality in a way that even a photograph could not. To see these works in person come to Village Gallery of Irvine December 5th, 2015.

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