Meet the Remarkable Artist Fabian Perez At Village Gallery

Fabian Perez came into the world on November 2nd, 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
The chance to see the Argentinean artist Fabian Perez is coming up.

On Saturday, December 5th 2015 Perez will be appearing in a rare and intimate event at Village Gallery at the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA. Perez is known for enticing his fans with alluring pieces that depicts the human body in poses that stay true to the Argentinean culture.

About Fabian Perez

Fabian Perez came into the world on November 2nd, 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Even as a teenager, Perez appreciated fine arts and martial arts. It was this interest that lead him to study both types of arts. He became involved in Karate, drawing from the discipline that is involved with it. His studies in art brought his attention to other styles of art additionally. The influence that came from his Eastern studies is apparent in his paintings.

At age twenty-two Perez came from Argentina to Italy where he lived for seven years. During his time in Italy, his works of writing and painting became enhanced with a spiritual quality. While in Italy he wrote his successful book Reflections of a Dream which is now published in the United States. Following his residence in Italy, he traveled to Japan and remained there for the next year. It was while he was there that he painted “The Japanese Flag” and “A Meditating Man” which can be seen in a government house. Next, Perez came to Los Angeles where he currently resides. His main goal is to strike inspiration in others using his pieces of art and writing.

Perez has his own signature style that is recognizable. He makes a point not to limit his work to any one category so as not to limit the possibilities of the outcomes. He enjoys working with acrylic because it dries faster than other paints which lets him work on his impulses. Viewers of his work will not be able to help but notice the intensity of passion that is depicted in his works. Perez puts his emotions in all of his paintings, writings, and sculptures which make his drive and energy apparently visible in his art. His paintings offer the viewers’ options of how they want to experience the work: Does it inspire? Does it invoke passion? Romance? The way the art lets the viewer feel is entirely up to them and their own personal experience with the art.

Fabian Perez at Village Gallery

Those who are stricken by Perez’s exquisite artwork can purchase the artwork to add to their own collection by contacting Village Gallery. The opportunity to view the art, and be in the presence of the creative genius is invaluable, and those who are fortunate enough to be at this event will be pleased with the showing of passionate and inspirational artwork that depicts scenes from a life that not many will experience. Viewers of the art will be moved to want to add a piece or two to their personal art collection so that they may have the artwork readily available for friends and loved ones to view when they need a surge of excitement and invocative energy in their life.

For decades Perez has been creating art that is more than just beautiful; it also serves as an experience in itself. The more a viewer looks at the art the more they savor the romance and grace that Perez treats his artwork with. The subjects of his art are his muses who are mostly ordinary individuals living lifestyles in places that he once resided. The opportunity for Americans to experience culturally different and exotic lives through art is invaluable; any individual who is enticed by the seeing something beautiful and talented should seize the opportunity to witness the powerful works of art that will be on display at Village Gallery accompanied by the artist himself.

Village Gallery will be holding this event from six o’clock until nine o’clock in the evening December 5th, 2015. Those who attend this event will be impressed and inspired by the phenomenal original paintings and limited edition canvas available anywhere in the US, and will grow an appreciation for Perez’s life and energy that he puts into his works. 

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