The Early Life of An Artist

Flamenco V
The artist Fabian Perez was born November 2nd, 1967 in Buenos Aires.

He had a troubled childhood, but was always talented in the arts. His mother, whom he inherited his artistic talents from, passed away when he was just sixteen, and his father when he was nineteen. It was after their passing that he began a life as a gypsy. He was immensely sad and full of despair which lead him to feel confused and search his life for answers. He had long been interested in martial arts, and he seized the opportunity to devote himself to the discipline.

Struggling to live on his own, he began to teach karate and lived out of friends’ homes or the martial arts studios he taught in. During this time he met a Japanese karate master by the name of Oscar Higa who he learned from. Higa was more than a teacher to Perez; he became his mentor, father figure, and friend. Perez lived in Rio for a short time living off of the warm beaches. Then, after he pulled himself together, he went to Italy with Higa. He lived in a small town outside of Venice called Padova. It was there that his career as an artist started. For Perez, painting became a form of escapism; during a time in his life when he was not particularly happy he found great solace in creating art. He was so comfortable with his art that he decided to continue creating it, channeling all of his energy into painting and martial arts. European tourist enjoyed his artwork and this encouraged him to hold exhibitions. He spent much of his time painting; but continued to teach martial arts to support himself.  He dreamed of becoming a karate master.

During his time in Italy, which amounted to seven years, he traveled often, gave martial arts exhibitions, and art exhibitions. Then, he moved to Japan where he continued to teach karate for the next year. The principles integrated in martial arts would eventually find their way into the art that he created, the discipline influencing his painting technique. Martial arts became a part of his life’s path and life’s work.

About the Perez Today

Now, Perez resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife and three children. He can be found most mornings and early afternoons painting in his studio. He chooses to paint during this time because he finds that the light is most complementary. Any viewer of his art will notice that the light is an asset in his paintings, a clear and apparent inspiration. He enjoys to paint in acrylic because it dries quickly which allows him to work off of how he feels in the present moment. His objective with his paintings is to entice an idea in the viewer’s mind without going into full detail. He uses color to create the moods so that the emotions of the subjects can be felt in addition to being seen. Painting is more than just art to Perez; it is also a form of communication. As someone who has always found difficulty in expressing his emotions, he finds that his feelings can be better understood through his paintings.

He has some pieces which are action poses such as Flamenco dancers, and the illustration of movement is so realistic that the viewer can witness the complex rhythmic actions of the subject (pictured above). The result is a painting that is so realistic that it captivates the viewer making them imagine the dance happening before their eyes. The more the viewer looks at the piece, the more life-like it becomes; and therefore, more communication is made between Perez and the viewer. His goal is to create scenes that people will enjoy looking at, so that they can take the time to feel the emotions he is trying to portray using his artwork.

Then, there are pieces that depict times from his early years in Argentina. These are a memory of that time, which was a more romantic time than what exists today. He captures the sensual movements of a woman simply talking on a telephone or lighting a cigarette, and illustrates just how classy a man in a tie can be. To see an unprecedented exhibition of Perez’s work come to Village Gallery at the Irvine Spectrum December 5th, 2015 from six o’clock to nine o’clock in the evening. Fabian Perez will be in person to meet at the gallery.

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