The Basics of Pest Control for Mice

“Rats, mice and other rodents can become a nuisance when they come in close proximity to humans. In addition to spreading disease to both humans and household pets, rodents can also cause property damage and contaminate food sources. A variety of lethal a”
A pet mouse may be an adorable friend, but rodents that come in from outdoors and make a residence into a home are very undesirable. Wild mice can cause a number of problems for homeowners and pose threats to pets and people, making pest control for mice important. Read on to learn what consumers need to know about dealing with mice infestations.

Spotting Signs of Mice

Homeowners should always be on the lookout for the signs of a mouse infestation, as the sooner pest control methods are employed, the easier it can be to deal with mice in a home. This is because mice can have an average of 5 to 10 litters of babies every year, so a small infestation can become a large one in very little time. Signs of mouse infestation include:

• Odd, musky odors

• Boxes, crates & clothing that is chewed

• Pellet-like droppings

• Scurrying or scratching sounds in the ceiling or walls

Problems Caused by Mice

Mice can cause a number of problems for homeowners. The rodents can do a considerable amount of damage to personal belongings, particularly when infestations are large. Feces left behind by mice can carry harmful germs that can make humans and pets sick.

Preventative Pest Control for Mice

Homeowners who are concerned about the risk of mice infestations can take steps to keep mice out by:

• Storing food in tightly-sealing containers

• Sweeping up crumbs and maintaining a clean house

• Placing screens on vents and chimneys

• Making repairs to cracks and holes in a home’s exterior

• Keeping weather stripping around windows and doors in good repair

• Storing firewood away from a home

• Maintaining landscaping around a house and cutting it away from the walls

• Using mice-repellent spray and electronic products

Options for DIY Pest Control for Mice

When homeowners suspect that they have a small mouse infestation, the problem may be able to be handled with DIY pest control products for mice. Traps are the most commonly used types of pest control products among consumers. One option is the live trap, which allows homeowners to humanely capture and relocate mice; however, people need to use caution when handling these traps to avoid coming in contact with mice. Traditional mouse traps that kill mice are also available, but must be used with care to avoid injuring children or pets. Rat poisons can be used to kill mice, but again, these products can pose health risks if not handled properly.

Why Hire a Professional Pest Control Service?

While it is possible to remove one or two mice with products that are available to the general public, homeowners that want the best possible results from pest control for mice are advised to hire a professional pest control company. Professionals can use stronger products and more advanced traps to remove mice and can recommend home improvements that can prevent re-infestation.

Homeowners that are looking for assistance with pest control for rats in Seattle can call AM/PM Exterminators to schedule an inspection or learn more about exterminator service for rodents.

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