The book ‘Kill the Lights’ receives great reviews from the readers on Amazon

The mystery novel written by author David Wahlberg has received great response from the readers who also rated the book 4.5 out of 5 stars on an average.

One of the Amazon users Renee Spicuzza mentions in her review, “This is a very fascinating mystery due to the way in which the setting and characters are situated. There are spots within the mystery that the plot points to a specific clue that is helpful towards the entirety of the case, but there are other times where a very skillfully placed red herring is used that threw me for a curve. David Wahlberg uses every possible character in his repertoire to build a great dynamic for this story, going from high-end stars, all the way down to the workers behind the scenes. No character exists without a purpose within the book, which makes the plot more cohesive and not oversaturated with information.”

Kill the Lights is inspired from realistic criminal activities in the Southern California fashion industry. The story revolves around people who inhabit the glamorous settings of Los Angeles:  the rich, the famous, and the party goers.

The designer clothing industry, with its beautiful models and precious jewelry attract corrupt businessmen and criminals. It portrays the way criminals worm their way into this glamour world by any means, including murder. The thriller based novel centers around the production of a Beverly Hills fashion show.  It promises to keep readers sticking to their seat with its twisted turns and plot.

The author has taken inspiration from realistic events which surround the lives of fashion models, movie stars and the undocumented workers who are involved in the business of fashion retailing.

To resolve the mystery, a detective emerges:  a young man raised in Venice, California, who is an expert in assessing the character of people.  This allows him to trick his opponents and manipulate people as he moves towards solving the crimes as the story proceeds.  His interesting persona allures the readers.

The book, Kill the Lights: A mystery is currently available on Amazon for purchase in both Kindle and paperback formats.

About Author

Before writing this novel, David Wahlberg worked in the editorial rooms of a leading daily newspaper and wrote narrative scripts and advertising copy for a CBS radio station. He also worked for Robert A. Inman as an editor of Inman’s short stories and novels. Wahlberg, as an army officer in Korea, gained insight into the criminal mind while appointed as a Special Courts Martial defense counsel, an experience useful in writing this book. He presently lives in Santa Rosa, Northern California.

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